Love, Simon Review

By Ian Crow On the tin, it may look like your typical teen romantic movie, but Love, Simon is one that doesn’t go down that road. Love, Simon is centred on Simon, a young high schooler. Has an abundance of friends, a fantastic circle of support from his family and high school is generally good,… Continue reading Love, Simon Review

The Light Between Oceans Review

Acclaimed and loved director Derek Cianfrance returns for his first film in four years to direct Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander in The Light Between Oceans. Based on the popular novel, Fassbender plays Tom, a WWI veteran who looks after a lighthouse in Western Australia with his wife (Vikander). Secluded on a little island, the… Continue reading The Light Between Oceans Review

Irrational Man Review

At the age of 79, acclaimed screenwriter and director Woody Allen refuses to give up and has dived deep into the core of his most loved films and has produced a beautiful, delightful and very Woody Allen esque in his humour in ‘Irrational Man’. Starring a personal favourite in mine, Joaquin Phoenix as Abe Lucas,… Continue reading Irrational Man Review