IT (2017) Review

By Ian Crow If you read a lot of my reviews, I’m sure you all know my feelings towards sequels and reboots. I’m not completely against them, I am always for a reboot or remake of a film or series if it’s in need of refreshing. One example I have felt that was in need… Continue reading IT (2017) Review

The Dark Tower Review

By Ian Crow Based on the extremely popular and successful book by Stephen King, The Dark Tower has finally hit the big screen. Years and years of anticipation of bringing the much-loved characters to life has finally arrived. But is it the film that everyone has been waiting for? Dating back to as far as… Continue reading The Dark Tower Review

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review

Continuing on from the huge success of the Harry Potter franchise, Warner Bros look set to reap in the rewards of J.K Rowling’s other book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Based on the book published in 2001, it covers about all the magical creatures that exist within the Harry Potter universe. Written under… Continue reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review

Nocturnal Animals Review

American fashion designer Tom Ford wowed audiences and critics alike with his directorial debut A Single Man back in 2009. Praised for his elegant camerawork and exquisite film making, Ford returns in style again with his latest picture Nocturnal Animals. Following the life of Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) a successful art gallery owner, her life… Continue reading Nocturnal Animals Review

The Light Between Oceans Review

Acclaimed and loved director Derek Cianfrance returns for his first film in four years to direct Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander in The Light Between Oceans. Based on the popular novel, Fassbender plays Tom, a WWI veteran who looks after a lighthouse in Western Australia with his wife (Vikander). Secluded on a little island, the… Continue reading The Light Between Oceans Review

Inferno Review

Code breaker Robert Langdon returns for his third onscreen outing. Previously dealing with the discovery of the Holy Grail and foiling a terrorist act against the Vatican, this time, he is against the clock to foil a deadly attempt to destroy the majority of Earth’s population. Tom Hanks returns as Langdon and continues to give… Continue reading Inferno Review

The Dressmaker Review

The Dressmaker provides an averagely warm comedy-drama as the winter finally begins to settle in. The Dressmaker follows Mertyl Dunnage as she comes home to confront a past that haunts her. Relative newcomer Jocelyn Moorhouse has managed to bring together a good cast, a quirky script and unusual comedy but altogether it seems to be… Continue reading The Dressmaker Review