The Greatest Showman Review

by Ian Morton Now that La La Land has reinvigorated the musical, it was only a matter of time before rival studios jumped on the proverbial bandwagon to take advantage of the resurrected genre. With many productions in development across all major studios, it’s 20th Century Fox out the gate first with the entertaining but largely… Continue reading The Greatest Showman Review

La La Land Review

By Ian Morton Much like his previous work, Damien Chazelle has managed to give you a reason to go to the cinema again with the fascinating and elegant, La La Land. The simple story follows the relationship between both an aspiring musician and a wannabe actress as they live their lives trying to break their respective… Continue reading La La Land Review

Into The Woods Review

Disney take on the successful Broadway musical ‘Into the Woods’ which was originally played in theatres in the US back in 1986 in its original run on stage. After multiple failures to bring the successful musical on the big screen, Disney entered the frame and got the ball rolling back in 2012 and got director… Continue reading Into The Woods Review