Alien: Covenant Review

By Ian Crow Following the initial mixed reception for Prometheus, the Alien franchise continues with Alien: Covenant. I feel like I’m in the minority by stating that I really enjoyed Prometheus. I enjoyed the exploration of the mythology of the Xenomorphs and Ridley Scott’s interpretation of how humans were created. Prometheus was harshly criticized for… Continue reading Alien: Covenant Review

The Light Between Oceans Review

Acclaimed and loved director Derek Cianfrance returns for his first film in four years to direct Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander in The Light Between Oceans. Based on the popular novel, Fassbender plays Tom, a WWI veteran who looks after a lighthouse in Western Australia with his wife (Vikander). Secluded on a little island, the… Continue reading The Light Between Oceans Review

Macbeth (2015) Review

One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth has been done and done again over the decades with the likes of Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Orson Welles and Kenneth Branagh playing the titular role of Macbeth, but its Michael Fassbender’s time to lose his mind and take the throne. Directed by 41 year old Australian Justin… Continue reading Macbeth (2015) Review

Slow West Review

Kodi Smit-McPhee and Michael Fassbender star in ‘Slow West’, the new western film which is directed by newcomer John Maclean, which dazzles on screen in a quick short burst of what every western film should be. Taking the best of old western classics and compiling them down into a very short 80 minute running time… Continue reading Slow West Review