The Incredibles 2 Review

by Ian Morton Way back In 1995, Pixar studios reshaped our perceptions of animation forever. A small scale production known as Toy Story was released, setting an early tone by carving a beautifully simple story about a boy and his toys. Anchored on moral centered storytelling, the studio then followed up on its first success with… Continue reading The Incredibles 2 Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

By Ian Crow If you had told me a few years back that I would have seen a standalone movie of Han Solo on the big screen; I would have probably said how excited I was. Every person I know was excited at the prospect of a movie about one of the most loved characters… Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Crow’s Must See Films of 2017 So Far!

2017 has been a strong year, especially in the summer blockbuster department. It has now come to that time of the year where we look back and decide which 10 films have caught our eye so far. 1. Dunkirk – Director Christopher Nolan has delivered again. His use of practical effects come to fruitition in… Continue reading Crow’s Must See Films of 2017 So Far!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

The first of a planned three anthology Star Wars movies has arrived in Rogue One. This story closely follows the events between episode three and four as an unlikely bunch of characters are forced together by the rebellion to take the plans for the Death Star. Introduced to an array of new characters to the… Continue reading Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review

Moana Review

After already dominating the year of 2016 full of huge blockbuster films and brilliant critical reviews, Disney are continuing to add to their already incredible year. Moana is Disney’s 56th animated feature and the studio isn’t losing their touch. Keeping in touch with their roots, Moana has the making of a classic animated film already.… Continue reading Moana Review

The Jungle Book (2016) Review

Another year, another Disney ‘reimaging’. Going through the past few years, Disney have decided to remake a handful of their films. Including ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Jungle Book’ as the first few to be remade, they haven’t blown people away just yet, until now. Remaking a classic Disney film is a very difficult task. Keeping the… Continue reading The Jungle Book (2016) Review

The Finest Hours Review

As we approach the middle of February, the films that have been released haven’t been great. Disney’s latest effort ‘The Finest Hours’ is further evidence that this month isn’t going to be the most exciting for cinemagoers. Already proving to be unsuccessful in the states, ‘The Finest Hours’ looks set to emulate the box-office and… Continue reading The Finest Hours Review

The Good Dinosaur Review

Animation is a lucrative market at the moment. With Disney and Universal going head to head, we are always expecting at least one film to knock it out the park each year. After screenplay and scripting issues put The Good Dinosaur back a year, is this one to equal the might of Frozen or are… Continue reading The Good Dinosaur Review

Inside Out Review

‘Inside Out’ is the newest addition to an already fantastic, heart-warming and thought provoking collection of animated films including ‘Toy Story’, ‘Monsters Inc.’, ‘Up’ & ‘Wall-E’. For ‘Inside Out’ to be added to Pixar’s hall of fame of great, it needs to be obviously successful and universally loved. In its first weekend in America, its… Continue reading Inside Out Review

Tomorrowland Review

The big, ambitious and sometimes challenging ‘Tomorrowland’ is due for release, and with a lot of emphasis on the upcoming release of Disney’s newest feature, the question everyone is asking; is ‘Tomorrowland’ a masterpiece or does it gracefully fall short. Let me try to explain my opinion; firstly, let’s start off with the main story… Continue reading Tomorrowland Review