Baywatch (2017) Review

By Ian Crow Slow motion running, tight red swimming suits, Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff. 90’s America became obsessed with the hit TV show based around a lifeguard group in LA. Soon that obsession spread worldwide and it became one of the most iconic TV shows around. Very much in its time, Baywatch is a… Continue reading Baywatch (2017) Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Review

By Ian Crow 2014 was the year that was going to define the future of Marvel studios. Their first new story of characters to be introduced to the big screen was going to be tricky. Moving away from the conventional and typical Marvel superheroes like Iron Man and Captain America, this was Marvel first big… Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Review

Get Out Review

By Ian Crow Great horror films are always very hard to come by. Normally we are only blessed with maybe two, or if we’re extremely lucky, three good horror movies in one calendar year. Now, a lot of the time you do get some great horror movies come out that I instantly love, for example… Continue reading Get Out Review

Office Christmas Party Review

Come Christmas time, it doesn’t seem like we have many films that you would normally expect to come out around this time of year. No family Christmas movies like Home Alone, Elf or Jingle All The Way. The norm these days seems to be to release a post teen-young adult based comedy that revolves around… Continue reading Office Christmas Party Review

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review

Not quite managing to find solid footing, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates does carry a few laughs but ultimately finds itself stuck trying to emulate the frat pack classics than break out on its own. After gaining notoriety as party disasters, Mike and Dave are forced to find dates for their sister’s wedding in… Continue reading Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review

The Secret Life of Pets Review

Illumination Pictures brings us their first movie to be made that doesn’t involve the hugely popular Minions. After making a huge ton of money from three outings of the little yellow nutters, we have a film about the goings on of pets after their owners leave them alone at home. Main character Max voiced by… Continue reading The Secret Life of Pets Review

The Intervention Review – Sundance London

Probably one of the more generic films that you’re bound to find at Sundance; a comedy set around a family which then escalates towards being a drama. The Intervention introduces us to four couples that all take a weekend break together. As times passes three of the four couples announce that they are going to… Continue reading The Intervention Review – Sundance London

Weiner Review – Sundance London

As a Brit going into a documentary about a disgraced New York politician about the events of Anthony Weiner’s mayor campaign, it’s not something that I would necessarily be interested in. Straight from the get go, we are introduced to Weiner as a film crew follow him during his campaign to become mayor of New… Continue reading Weiner Review – Sundance London

Other People Review – Sundance London

Dramedy. The mixture of comedy and drama into one genre. The majority of the time it can go all horribly wrong. To get the perfect Dramedy you need the right balance of as you know comedy and drama. Sometimes it can be too heavy on one side and then the other jumps in, it becomes… Continue reading Other People Review – Sundance London

The Nice Guys Review

2016 is the year full of sequels, comic book movies, prequels and franchise starters. So it’s refreshing to see an original film come into the mix just before the summer blockbusters hit our screens. After recently watching Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the thought of another written and directed piece of work from Black… Continue reading The Nice Guys Review