Wonder Woman (2017) Review

The DCEU has come under intense scrutiny since the universe first started. Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad equally shared a fist full of punches from every angle towards the finished products. Lack of story, albeit, maybe a bad telling of potentially a good story in both of the films and over dramatized moments have… Continue reading Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Hell or High Water review

Now the disappointing summer season is over, it’s time for the smaller budget masterpieces to make their way to theaters. A rough round the edges plot, beautiful camera work and some die hard performances make Hell or High Water exactly what we need as we enter the latter part of the year. After the local… Continue reading Hell or High Water review

Star Trek Beyond Review

Star Trek Beyond is both enjoyable and entertaining but a lack of depth really holds it back from reaching the heights of the previous installments. After receiving a distress call, the crew of the USS Enterprise go to investigate the nearest nebula in an attempted rescue mission. Upon arrival, the Enterprise is attacked where the… Continue reading Star Trek Beyond Review