War Machine Review

by Ian Morton War Machine promises a lot but struggles to find its footing both tonally and within its central plot. General Glen McMahon is a decorated war hero, enlisted to end the war in Afghanistan after a gruelling 8 years of war. Taking over from previous efforts, the plot follows the general as he attempts… Continue reading War Machine Review

Allied Review

Veteran film maker Robert Zemeckis hasn’t quite hit the highs as he did at the start of his career. Creating visionary pieces of work like Back to the Future, Castaway, The Polar Express and most famously Forrest Gump. In recent times, he hasn’t delivered anything of great quality. In recent times, Flight and The Walk… Continue reading Allied Review

The Big Short Review

One of the kings of comedy has decided to change lanes and tell the story of one of the biggest financial crises in recent memory. With his previous work consisting mainly of Will Ferrell comedies, is this one to watch or a promising product put in the wrong hands? The results may indeed surprise you!… Continue reading The Big Short Review