Darkest Hour Review

  By Ian Crow Set during the early days of World War II, Winston Churchill is the newly appointed prime minster and faces a mountain of a challenge. As Hitler’s Nazi army is spreading through Europe at a devastating pace, Churchill has the future of Britain in his hands. His task is a difficult one,… Continue reading Darkest Hour Review

Molly’s Game Review

By Ian Crow Well known in Hollywood for his incredible writing duties, Aaron Sorkin has stepped behind the camera for the first time to direct the biographical events of Molly Bloom. Once an Olympic skier, she was fatally injured in a crash at the Winter Olympics which then ended her career. Portrayed by the ever… Continue reading Molly’s Game Review

All Eyez on Me Review

By Ian Crow Jumping on the success of Straight Outta Compton, All Eyez on Me is the biopic of one of the most highly influential rappers in the 90’s. Still to this day, people talk about Tupac Shakur, whether it’s his music or the unsolved murder that people still theorize about. All Eyez on Me… Continue reading All Eyez on Me Review

Patriots Day Review

By Ian Crow After only a mere four years since the incident, Hollywood has decided to make a film about the Boston marathon bombings. I feel that the dust needs to settle before making a film about a sensitive subject, yet the Americans love to make them. I had to admit though; once I saw… Continue reading Patriots Day Review

Loving Review

By Ian Crow As February rolls around, the Oscar bait films are still being released. It’s a weird month full of absolute tosh and last-minute push for people to see the award nominated films. Loving is one of those, only nominated for the one Oscar for leading actress Ruth Negga. Whereas Joel Edgerton missed out… Continue reading Loving Review

Deepwater Horizon Review

Based on the incredible true story of the biggest oil spill in US history back in 2010, Mark Wahlberg leads in this heroic, action-packed and distressing drama that has emerged as one of my favourite films of 2016. Obviously based on the true events on the Deepwater Horizon, the story is centred on New York… Continue reading Deepwater Horizon Review

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week Review

As a big Beatles fan, getting the chance to watch a documentary on Britain’s biggest band of all-time that’s made by one of the biggest directors in Ron Howard would have been a crime to turn down. Having a director of that calibre behind the documentary and one of the big positives for having Ron… Continue reading The Beatles: Eight Days a Week Review

The Finest Hours Review

As we approach the middle of February, the films that have been released haven’t been great. Disney’s latest effort ‘The Finest Hours’ is further evidence that this month isn’t going to be the most exciting for cinemagoers. Already proving to be unsuccessful in the states, ‘The Finest Hours’ looks set to emulate the box-office and… Continue reading The Finest Hours Review

Trumbo Review

Hollywood’s most famous black-listed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo endured a terrible time throughout his life. Trumbo was never looked upon the same way after his release from prison; even in his beloved film industry, many of his co-workers wouldn’t accept any work under his name. The famed writer decided to write and submit film scripts under… Continue reading Trumbo Review