Justice League Review

By Ian Crow the 5th film to enter the DCEU, Justice League is the all-star match up of some of the greatest heroes that DC comics have to offer. Whether it’s something that we’re ready for is another matter. Following an incredibly turbulent and torrid start to starting its universe, Justice League looks to bat… Continue reading Justice League Review

Live By Night Review

By Ian Morton While it tries its hardest to establish a place amid the seemingly infinite amount of gangster flicks, a lack of depth and a confused narrative ultimately leave Live By Night out in the shadows. Driven by revenge, small town crook Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck) finds himself joining and eventually climbing the ranks of… Continue reading Live By Night Review

The Accountant Review

Love him or hate him, Ben Affleck is one of the biggest actors right now. Currently spearheading the DC movies as Batman, rocking it in the director’s chair over the past few years and most recently, he has been picking some interesting film roles. Going back to 2014, Affleck was a surprise package in the… Continue reading The Accountant Review