Justice League Review

By Ian Crow the 5th film to enter the DCEU, Justice League is the all-star match up of some of the greatest heroes that DC comics have to offer. Whether it’s something that we’re ready for is another matter. Following an incredibly turbulent and torrid start to starting its universe, Justice League looks to bat… Continue reading Justice League Review

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

By Ian Morton The LEGO Batman movie is one of the most bonkers things you will watch this year but with a great sense of humour and a fairly robust story, it sets a very high bar for this years animated adventures. When the Clown Prince of Crime decides to bring together the deadliest villains in… Continue reading The LEGO Batman Movie Review

What Makes a Good Sequel?

Sequels, Reboots, Re-Imagined. These are probably three of the most commonly used words in Hollywood right now. Those words are used to sell movies to try to bring audiences to cinema screens again. We live in a world where sequels are desperately turned around in a very short amount of time to make a quick… Continue reading What Makes a Good Sequel?

Suicide Squad Review

While struggling to reach the heights the initial trailer promised and clearly suffering from structural and screenplay issues, Suicide Squad somehow still manages to be a fun trip with some of the more unusual characters in the DC universe. After the widespread destruction from previous adventures, government agent Amanda Waller decides a contingency plan is… Continue reading Suicide Squad Review

Ian Crow’s Film Masterclass – The Dark Knight (2008) #4

People talk about the re-invention of the superhero genre; Marvel have been behind around 90% of the comic-book films that have made their way on screen. But there is a special trilogy that has been delivered. And that is the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. By far and away, the best film in the… Continue reading Ian Crow’s Film Masterclass – The Dark Knight (2008) #4

LEAKED Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer!

The trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been leaked online, which is obviously bad news for Warner Bros which destroys their huge announcement of the trailer arriving on Monday, but albeit the copy is filmed from a cinema screen. BUT, the trailer does not disappoint and looks absolutely fantastic! Which makes Monday… Continue reading LEAKED Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer!