Get On Up Review

Soul brother, the godfather of Funk, the hardest working man in show business, sex machine, or you can just call him James Brown. Mr. Brown was always well known for his high-octane performances, drenched in sweat and releasing pure energy and passion through the audience and his band, but life wasn’t always so easy. Growing… Continue reading Get On Up Review

Jessabelle Review by Taller/Darker/Stranger.

The first review from our brother/sister site Taller/Darker/Stranger has released his first review! Check out the link below!

The Drop Review

Tom Hardy is a hard-working man at the moment; since his worldwide breakthrough in Inception back in 2010, he will of starred in 15 feature films when 2015 comes to a close; and in nearly every single one of them, barring This Means War, his performances are absolutely brilliant. In every single film he completely… Continue reading The Drop Review

The Imitation Game Review

Biopics have been made through the years telling the stories of Kings (The Kings Speech), Queens (Elizabeth) and even presidents in many adaptations in that genre. Personally, biopics should be made about someone truly special, and made a big difference to the world that we currently live in. Alan Turing is by far, the greatest… Continue reading The Imitation Game Review