Molly’s Game Review

By Ian Crow Well known in Hollywood for his incredible writing duties, Aaron Sorkin has stepped behind the camera for the first time to direct the biographical events of Molly Bloom. Once an Olympic skier, she was fatally injured in a crash at the Winter Olympics which then ended her career. Portrayed by the ever… Continue reading Molly’s Game Review

Fences Review

By Ian Crow Based on the play of the same name by August Wilson, Denzel Washington stars and directs this dramatic following of Troy Maxson, a working-class black man having to raise his family and deal with other events that are going on in his life. Dealing with peoples rubbish on a daily basis, getting… Continue reading Fences Review

Loving Review

By Ian Crow As February rolls around, the Oscar bait films are still being released. It’s a weird month full of absolute tosh and last-minute push for people to see the award nominated films. Loving is one of those, only nominated for the one Oscar for leading actress Ruth Negga. Whereas Joel Edgerton missed out… Continue reading Loving Review

Moonlight Review

By Ian Crow Nominated for eight Academy Awards, independent backed film Moonlight is the dark horse in this year’s Oscars build up. After seeing the announcement of the nominations, I became more intrigued about the film. Honestly, I didn’t have one bit of interest originally in the film, and that was down to the fact… Continue reading Moonlight Review

Manchester by the Sea Review

By Ian Crow Casey Affleck stars and turns out his career best performance in his new film Manchester by the Sea. Centred on his character Lee Chandler, the story follows him in a very difficult time in his life where his brother dies and is then left to deal with the aftermath. Dealing with funeral… Continue reading Manchester by the Sea Review

Lion Review

Based on the incredible true story, Dev Patel portrays Saroo, a young Indian boy who gets lost in the streets of Calcutta, thousands of miles away from his home. Unable to trace his steps home to his tiny village, Saroo ventures to try to find his family by living on the streets and spreading his… Continue reading Lion Review

Sully Review

With a strong central plot accompanied by even stronger performances, it feels like Sully should easily be a contender as we move closer to the award season. Unfortunately however, there is just a little something keeping it from being the ‘must watch’ cinema experience it would have you believe. Telling the true life story of… Continue reading Sully Review

Anomalisa Review

‘Anomalisa’ is the latest effort from director Charlie Kaufman. The talented film maker and screenwriter decide to channel his crazy vision through the art of puppeteer. The story follows Michael (voiced by David Thewlis) a middle aged man who’s sick to death with everyday life. Every person he meets is the same; his whole life… Continue reading Anomalisa Review

Trumbo Review

Hollywood’s most famous black-listed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo endured a terrible time throughout his life. Trumbo was never looked upon the same way after his release from prison; even in his beloved film industry, many of his co-workers wouldn’t accept any work under his name. The famed writer decided to write and submit film scripts under… Continue reading Trumbo Review

Spotlight Review

Spotlight not only tells one of the most fascinating stories of the year but it also raises the bar for true life adaptations. With some solid performances from a more than capable ensemble and one of the strongest screenplays in the last 10 years, Tom McCarthy just needed to point the camera in the right… Continue reading Spotlight Review