Deadpool 2 Review

After only a two year absence from the big screen, the foul mouthed superhero is back! Foul mouthed, extremely violent and extremely funny, nothing has changed on the personality side of Deadpool, but there has been some vast improvements in the second outing, whilst keeping to the same level of humour we experienced in the… Continue reading Deadpool 2 Review

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Review

By Ian Crow I love it when a film like this comes along. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is one that came out of nowhere for me. I heard bits and bobs about the film and of course, have been intently following the Awards season and it’s a film that’s been knocking on the door.… Continue reading Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Review

The Disaster Artist Review

by Ian Morton Synonymous amongst movie fans, The Room has and will forever be known as the ‘best worst movie ever’. Since its release back in 2003, audiences have watched in awe as a series of illogical events unfold into unintentional hilarity, with the film eventually becoming a cult phenomenon and a ‘must watch’ for any… Continue reading The Disaster Artist Review

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review

By Ian Morton Although it doesn’t do enough to stay in the mind for long, some interesting action sequences and a brilliant comedy double act will certainly put The Hitman’s Bodyguard toward the top of a particularly average summer season. After falling from grace, ex-triple A rated bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) is drafted in to… Continue reading The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review

The Big Sick Review

By Ian Morton The Big Sick is a breath of fresh air in a genre that typically follows a frustratingly cliché approach to storytelling. Based on true events, the story follows the relationship between Kumail and Emily in the face of both family pressures and cultural differences. Written by the real-life couple behind the characters, Kumail… Continue reading The Big Sick Review

Crow’s Must See Films of 2017 So Far!

2017 has been a strong year, especially in the summer blockbuster department. It has now come to that time of the year where we look back and decide which 10 films have caught our eye so far. 1. Dunkirk – Director Christopher Nolan has delivered again. His use of practical effects come to fruitition in… Continue reading Crow’s Must See Films of 2017 So Far!

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

By Ian Morton The LEGO Batman movie is one of the most bonkers things you will watch this year but with a great sense of humour and a fairly robust story, it sets a very high bar for this years animated adventures. When the Clown Prince of Crime decides to bring together the deadliest villains in… Continue reading The LEGO Batman Movie Review

Deadpool Review

As another year approaches, so begins the next chapter of comic book adaptations. Throughout the years, 20th Century Fox has slowly lost their tight grip on the rights to some of Marvels most famous heroes. Following the failure of last year’s Fantastic 4 reboot and the loss of Daredevil and Blade, it looked like the… Continue reading Deadpool Review

The Big Short Review

One of the kings of comedy has decided to change lanes and tell the story of one of the biggest financial crises in recent memory. With his previous work consisting mainly of Will Ferrell comedies, is this one to watch or a promising product put in the wrong hands? The results may indeed surprise you!… Continue reading The Big Short Review

The Hateful Eight – 70mm Presentation Review

Back in the day the veteran film maker announced that he only ever wanted to make 10 films. Wanting to cover all genres, the veteran film maker has taken on stories ranging from World War 2 to Romance. As the fear that were nearing the end sets in, the only thing we can do is… Continue reading The Hateful Eight – 70mm Presentation Review