American Animals Review

by Ian Morton The heist movie is a common staple of the cinematic landscape. Whether stealing a priceless piece of art, pillaging the unbreakable vault or looting the jewellery box of an eccentric billionaire, it’s a genre that has the potential to earn a lot of money from the smallest of budgets.Often boasting a gang of… Continue reading American Animals Review

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week Review

As a big Beatles fan, getting the chance to watch a documentary on Britain’s biggest band of all-time that’s made by one of the biggest directors in Ron Howard would have been a crime to turn down. Having a director of that calibre behind the documentary and one of the big positives for having Ron… Continue reading The Beatles: Eight Days a Week Review

Weiner Review – Sundance London

As a Brit going into a documentary about a disgraced New York politician about the events of Anthony Weiner’s mayor campaign, it’s not something that I would necessarily be interested in. Straight from the get go, we are introduced to Weiner as a film crew follow him during his campaign to become mayor of New… Continue reading Weiner Review – Sundance London

The Big Short Review

One of the kings of comedy has decided to change lanes and tell the story of one of the biggest financial crises in recent memory. With his previous work consisting mainly of Will Ferrell comedies, is this one to watch or a promising product put in the wrong hands? The results may indeed surprise you!… Continue reading The Big Short Review

The Wolfpack (2015) Review

Crystal Moselle, the young filmmaker behind this year’s most interesting and ambitious documentaries ‘The Wolfpack’ is on the ever growing list of female talent that has come through in the past few years that includes director of ‘The Babadook’ Jennifer Kent that is exciting cinema at the moment. Following a young family in New York,… Continue reading The Wolfpack (2015) Review