Crow’s Must See Films of 2017 So Far!

2017 has been a strong year, especially in the summer blockbuster department. It has now come to that time of the year where we look back and decide which 10 films have caught our eye so far. 1. Dunkirk – Director Christopher Nolan has delivered again. His use of practical effects come to fruitition in… Continue reading Crow’s Must See Films of 2017 So Far!

All Eyez on Me Review

By Ian Crow Jumping on the success of Straight Outta Compton, All Eyez on Me is the biopic of one of the most highly influential rappers in the 90’s. Still to this day, people talk about Tupac Shakur, whether it’s his music or the unsolved murder that people still theorize about. All Eyez on Me… Continue reading All Eyez on Me Review

Baby Driver Review

By Ian Crow Without doubt one of the most talked about films at the moment. Baby Driver has been receiving high praise from critics and fellow industry members for Edgar Wright’s new piece of work. A heavily influenced film, Baby Driver picks up some of the best bits from the films of old but manages… Continue reading Baby Driver Review

Free Fire Review

By Ian Crow British director and writer Ben Wheatley is back with his new film Free Fire. Following on from his mildly disappointing outing in High Rise, we get a glimpse of the Ben Wheatley I love in this picture. Set in Boston in the year of 1978, a meeting between two gangs in a… Continue reading Free Fire Review

Ian Crow’s Film Masterclass #7 – American Psycho (2000)

Brett Easton Ellis is one of the most controversial and fanatic about detail. That is evident in his book American Psycho, easily one of the best books I have ever read and that was down to interesting characters, dialogue and description of Patrick Bateman’s world and his views. Straight off the bat, a film adaptation… Continue reading Ian Crow’s Film Masterclass #7 – American Psycho (2000)

Nocturnal Animals Review

American fashion designer Tom Ford wowed audiences and critics alike with his directorial debut A Single Man back in 2009. Praised for his elegant camerawork and exquisite film making, Ford returns in style again with his latest picture Nocturnal Animals. Following the life of Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) a successful art gallery owner, her life… Continue reading Nocturnal Animals Review

The Accountant Review

Love him or hate him, Ben Affleck is one of the biggest actors right now. Currently spearheading the DC movies as Batman, rocking it in the director’s chair over the past few years and most recently, he has been picking some interesting film roles. Going back to 2014, Affleck was a surprise package in the… Continue reading The Accountant Review

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review

As a final product, Jack Reacher 2 misses the mark entirely. Not only does it bring a boring and cliché ridden narrative, the direction is uninspired and the supporting cast fall disappointingly flat. When one of his contacts is arrested for espionage, Reacher takes initiative and decides to investigate by going back to where it… Continue reading Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review

Inferno Review

Code breaker Robert Langdon returns for his third onscreen outing. Previously dealing with the discovery of the Holy Grail and foiling a terrorist act against the Vatican, this time, he is against the clock to foil a deadly attempt to destroy the majority of Earth’s population. Tom Hanks returns as Langdon and continues to give… Continue reading Inferno Review

War Dogs Review

While the basic plotline is interesting, some familiar performances and some distracting pacing issues take this away from the riotous adventure promised in the trailer to a subpar emulation of the Wolf of Wall Street. Based on a true story, War Dogs follows the making and subsequent breaking of two of the youngest weapons dealers… Continue reading War Dogs Review