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Morbius (2022) Review

Oh Morbius...

by Ian Morton

If Morbius came out in 2001, it would at best be an average superhero film. Now in 2022, the schlocky, overplayed, angst-driven origin story of a man-turned-vampire just isn’t enough to be anything more than boring.

Jared Leto stars as Dr Michael Morbius, a talented – yet annoyingly arrogant – scientist looking for a cure for a rare blood condition that both he and best friend Milo suffer from. Experimenting with vampire bats, he breaks nature’s code and merges his own DNA with that of the flying mammal, resulting in him curing the condition but becoming a bloodsucker in the process and having to deal with the fallout of constantly needing blood to survive.

Narratively you would imagine a few directions the story could go but Morbius decides to go in none of them. Absolutely nothing happens in 1 hour 44 mins. Zero. Zilch. Naught. There isn’t an ounce of character development, no hint of a story. It ambles from one scene to the next without any real drive and just ends. No fanfare, just credits and 2 shockingly desperate attempts to flesh out the Sony Spiderman-less universe. It’s shockingly forgettable and unforgivingly boring!

Morbius (2022)

None of this is helped by the strangely vacuous and mismanaged performances of the main cast. Jared Leto is lifeless, acting like the kid in the playground trying to be cool. Every line of dialogue is unnecessarily introspective, even in rare moments of levity, leading the character to be more irritating than endearing. Matt Smith on the other hand is the complete opposite as Morbius’s best friend Milo, almost having too much fun and throwing the tone all over the place. The two on screen together just doesn’t work and severely lacks the Marvel charm that so many other films within the genre manages to nail. 

Coming out of the cinema I couldn’t help but wonder what the true aim of the movie was. The character wasn’t interesting enough to deserve a sequel, it did little-to-nothing to build a world and even its post credit scenes revealed what we’d already seen from the trailers. Sony finds itself in a strangely unique position, telling stories about Spiderman’s rogue gallery without the webslinger creates ample opportunity for fresh and unique takes – similar to 20th Century Fox and Deadpool – but they just seem content copying an old formula and hoping for success. With this in mind, Morbius is a waste of talent, time and opportunity; with absolutely no reason to go back to it in future.

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6 comments on “Morbius (2022) Review

  1. All Things Movies - Morton

    Definitely – there will defo be a fan base for this type of film but it would be quite niche lol


  2. Umm, no I generally wouldn’t recommend it, but I’d be able to recognise someone who should see it.


  3. All Things Movies - Morton

    Haha you may have done! It’s always more important that someone enjoys a film than listen to reviewers anyway, so I’m pleased you had fun! I think over time I may have just lost patience with the genre, particularly as it can still be so hit and miss! It will also, for sure, get a small fan base behind it as it just has an aura about it! It sounds like you probably still couldn’t recommend it to anyone though (even though you liked it more than you thought)?


  4. Oh, you were a tad harsh, methinks! It’s not that bad, or did I go in with seriously low expectations?! Mind, I didn’t see it as a superhero movie (much like Last Night In Soho wasn’t horror), for me it was like a late 80s movie with better special effects. There was a story there, just not a long one.
    I liked Jared Leto in it, the lead in these things is always broody, rarely develops and usually bores me (err, Batman, Superman), the villain is often more fun (and Matt Smith being bad is rather good). At least the script wasn’t as deathly earnest or angsty as some superhero movies have been, yes, it could have been way better though!
    What was the aim of the film? To set up a sequel that really should not be made?! I did enjoy it, the flaws were nowhere near as bad as I was expecting, yay, but I came out wishing it had wrapped up as a one-off, this is as good as it will get in Sony hands, next outing will be awful.


  5. All Things Movies - Morton

    I definitely couldn’t recommend it but if you’re partial to earlier superhero films, it’s not hard to get along with! You’ll have to let us know how you get on (if you do go)!


  6. Haha, I was thinking of going to see Morbius tomorrow evening, then I read this. Actually I may still go though I suspect I’ll agree with your review (I have an unlimited card and the cinema is close by).


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