British born film maker Edgar Wright has blown away audiences since his big screen debut of Shaun of the Dead back in 2004. Wright since then has continued to build upon his huge talent for entertaining us and most importantly, delivering original cinema that we all crave. After successfully mashing comedy and drama together in an inventive way, Wright has veered away and explored the horror genre with his new film Last Night in Soho. His only experience since his breakout in the genre goes back to 2007’s fake trailer segment and eventual short titled Don’t that was used for the Grindhouse movies directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. 

Last Night in Soho centres around Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), a young student from Cornwall who gets into fashion school in London. As Eloise enters London, she struggles with her mental health and starts seeing flashbacks of 60’s London and in particular, a woman called Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy). Sandy, an aspiring singer, meets Jack (Matt Smith) and becomes her manager to help propel her career. Elloise’s flashbacks start off comforting and engaging but as time goes on, her dreams turn sinister and start affecting her well being.

Just like any Edgar Wright film, expect to be fully entertained and to have a fleshed out character arc for all the characters. If there is anything that Wright is great at, it’s his use of brilliant characters who all have their part to play and in true Edgar Wright fashion, expect the unexpected. As Wright continues to grow as a filmmaker, it’s great to see him explore new genres and stories whilst keeping true to his formula and roots. With Last Night in Soho. This feels like the film he’s been meaning to make for a long while. His evident love for the city of London and in particular, vintage 60’s London shines through in his film.

The Horror genre is always a hard one to navigate. A genre that is jam-packed with new films every year and ones you can ultimately go back to anytime, it’s always difficult to find something that will satisfy your Horror fix or ultimately, deliver something original to get you interested in the first place. Last Night in Soho is that perfect film to experience at the cinema. We could hear a pin drop whilst in our screening and that is kudos to the film itself for delivering a nail biting premise that packs a punch when it’s necessary. In addition to this, the film is helped along its way by its two stars Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy. Both of them play their part extremely well and showcase their immense talents. Extra love for McKenzie, who at 21 years old at the time of release, delivers what is one of our favourite performances of 2021. The young New Zealander has already demonstrated her talents in Jojo Rabbit & Leave No Trace, so it’s brilliant to see her continued rise in Hollywood.

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3 comments on “Last Night in Soho Review

  1. A great review, a great film. Didn’t really see it as horror myself, I can why it’s been put in that genre but it’s so much more. When friends have asked I tell them it’s not horror horror, it’s a thriller, suspense, mystery.

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  2. Thanks, Jack. I’m sure its one you could get through!


  3. Jack Hannah

    Great review Ian. Very tempted to go and see this film but I normally shy away from horror. But your excellent articulation has tempted me

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