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Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes helped catapult a new family movie that would be loved by all back in 1996. After its huge success, a sequel was in the works very quickly but those aspirations quickly halted production when Michael Jordan refused to return. Fast forward 25 years and the current superstar of the NBA LeBron James fronts the much anticipated sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy. We say it’s much anticipated as the original film shaped our childhoods of watching our favourite Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan team up to save the world in a game of basketball. A great gamble from Warner Bros to utilise the star power that Jordan had during this time allowed everyone to be star struck by his presence on screen and be overjoyed by the tumultuous Looney Tunes squad. A New Legacy looks to take the torch from the 1996 hit film and create something new whilst embracing the past. And it fails on an epic level.

The formula and structure isn’t far different from the original film. A basketball star is forced to play a game of basketball with the Looney Tunes in order to save the world. There isn’t much else to it. The same cogs are put in motion and the film doesn’t excite you at any moment of the film. Instead of concentrating on LeBron’s star status or the Tunes ability to create slapstick moments that will entertain the kids, A New Legacy ends up, for some strange reason, being a huge Warner Bros advert. Strangely, the basketball aspect is almost sidelined for the fast majority of the film. Even the training of the Tunes squad is extremely minimal and the main match itself only covers the last 30 mins in a near two hour movie. Instead of basketball, we are reminded of Warner Bros film property as we are force fed famous songs from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Matrix and Casablanca. None of these movies or tv shows have any relevance to the film and instead of the film being centred around basketball and how it can bring people together, we are left with a misshapen, car crash, CGI fest that left you wondering…what on earth did we just watch?

There were many moments where we were left almost shaking our heads in disbelief at the film. The screenplay is shocking. The lack of creativity or substance with LeBron James’s lines is mind blowing. It’s almost like the screenwriting duties were left to a child. The repetitiveness of some particular lines shined a light on one of the main issues with the film, its writing. The amount of times LeBron says “What?!?” at any strange moment in the film is ridiculous. Either the screenwriters couldn’t be bothered to try to write something decent or they didn’t have any confidence in Lebron’s ability to learn multiple lines. Either way, A New Legacy stumbles its way through catastrophe after catastrophe.

Not only is the writing horrific or the fact that a basketball movie seemed to be turned into a Warner Bros property advert, LeBron James was extremely mediocre. The original film had a true star in Michael Jordan and his presence was felt immediately and it just worked. LeBron didn’t capture what was needed as the front of the new Space Jam movie. We didn’t feel excited seeing him on screen and honestly, the film massively let him down. We know how huge he is both on and off the court but the substance of the film itself is just not good enough. Space Jam: A New Legacy enters the territory of being labelled one of the worst films of the year. This sequel will be quickly forgotten and if you want some tidy advice. Just rewatch the 1996 classic. You won’t regret it.

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2 comments on “Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

  1. You’re not bursting any bubble, we never said Michael Jordan’s acting was good! He just seem to get away with it, due to the fact that the film itself is massively enjoyable. Whereas, with LeBron, all round, its a huge mess.


  2. Shamel Johnson

    Completely disagree, (with the exception of it being a huge WME advertisement). Waycross the original last night and the “New Legacy” today and the most important person in the house/ target audience (the 7 year old)
    liked it better than the original. We (the parents) thought it was a much better movie than we expected, and sorry to burst your bubble, but Michael Jordan’s acting was subpar/ minimal in his movie too.


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