From the director of Happy Death Day comes a new twist on the horror genre we have yet to experience. After utilising the groundhog day effect in Happy Death Day, director Christopher Landon decides to use the body-swap element and apply it to a horror movie. And you know what? It works! In Freaky, the souls of a serial killer The Butcher (Vince Vaughn) and Millie (Kathryn Newton) are swapped after The Butcher stabs Millie with an ancient object. Little do they know that they only have 24 hours to complete the switch before their switch becomes permanent.

Introducing the body swap element to a horror movie brings fresh air into the genre and allows us to enjoy a new found experience for the genre. Adding in that there are a lot of comedic elements to the film, Freaky balances out horror, suspense and comedy perfectly throughout and makes for a really enjoyable movie, and due to its comedic parts, it’s difficult to find negatives as it doesn’t take itself seriously. The film’s pacing is great and doesn’t overstay its welcome. Every character has their part and it does enough to become a favourite of ours in 2021.

One of the greatest parts of the film is its casting. Using the experienced actor in Vince Vaughn is brilliant. Known for his comedy and serious acting, Vaughn is the perfect person to switch between The Butcher and Millie at the blink of an eye. Adding to this, a tremendous young talent in Kathryn Newton. The Floridian actor is quickly making her name for herself both in film and TV. Her roles haven’t gone unnoticed as she is currently filming the new Marvel film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Newton is excellent in this film and scarily becomes The Butcher in her own unique way. The small, innocent blonde who couldn’t hurt a fly soon becomes someone not to mess with. Her sweetness as Millie easily drags you into her unfortunate life of a girl struggling with high school. But her ability to switch up to embody The Butcher is effortless and, at times, even scarier than Vaughn’s incarnation of the character.

Freaky is definitely a must watch this year. It strikes the perfect balance of multiple genres to satisfy the masses. If you want a horror movie with hilarious moments then this is the one for you. Not every film like this comes around and it deserves to be seen in the cinema with an audience. Freaky is released in UK cinemas on Friday 2nd July.

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