Another film delayed by the Covid pandemic, the British drama Supernova is finally in cinemas in the UK and is not one to be missed. Whilst we have been craving big action blockbusters at the cinema, it has lacked a serious drama that brings us to tears at the back of the screen. Supernova stars Colin Firth (Sam)  and Stanley Tucci (Tusker) as a couple who are travelling England in their camper-van in an attempt to relive a precious memory from their early days before Tusker loses all memory of it. Their relationship of 20 years is put to the test as Tusker is suffering from early onset dementia and their feelings both collide throughout as they both come to terms with the disease.

Directed by Harry Macqueen, the English born film maker dazzles in his second directorial feature with Supernova. A relative unknown to many, but this superb and emotional moving drama has shot up to become one of our favourite films of 2021. Although the characters deal with such a traumatic experience of accepting a battle with dementia, Macqueen ensures that we are treated to a visually stunning piece of work throughout. Utilising the beautiful English countryside at the Lake District, Supernova is beautiful in its visuals, but most importantly, in its substance with a moving screenplay and character development.

Supernova is a beautifully intimate and moving film and it is benefitted massively from two veteran actors in Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci. Both wonderfully consistent and talented actors, both Firth and Tucci give some of their best performances in a long while in Supernova. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with the characters portrayed by Tucci and Firth. Their charisma and ability to pull you in straightaway make it easy to connect with Sam & Tusker. Almost as if you have been a part of their relationship for twenty years.

If you are looking for something to connect with emotionally and to experience some of the best acting you’ll see this year, then give Supernova a go. It’s unfortunate to be matched with Fast & Furious 9 at UK cinemas, but it deserves to be seen and you will not regret it.

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