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Without Remorse (2021) Review

Legendary author Tom Clancy has yet another book of his adapted for the big screen. One that has been in the works for over 20 years and has failed to materialise due to many production issues and script difficulties with bringing the film to life, we finally get to see Without Remorse. After its development hell, is it worth the wait? The short and quick answer to this is no. Let’s take a deep dive into the reasons why Without Remorse is a film to be avoided.

If you are accustomed to the generic action movie genre, you will know how difficult it is to come across a film that enters the genre and sparks originality. Every time we see a new action movie, we’re hoping for it to break new grounds and move from the predictable rhetoric of them, especially ones from the likes of a Tom Clancy novel. The inevitable character arcs of a broken soldier who is extremely patriotic for the stars of stripes of The United States of America, falls in too deep and has to save his country. In Without Remorse, it follows this generic pattern. John Kelly (Michael B Jordan) seeks revenge after his wife and team are assassinated after a covert mission in Syria. Hell bent on vengeance, Kelly does everything he can to protect his country (seeing the familiar pattern) from Russian forces (didn’t see that coming) and inside moles. You don’t have to see this film to know what happens throughout. Its predictability reeks throughout the 110 minute runtime which ultimately bores you to tears.

The one saving grace that this film does possess is a true leading star of the moment, Michael B Jordan. The American actor is running up quite the filmography and appearing in hit films like Black Panther and Creed, Jordan has the charisma and ability to pull the film from the deep hole of Hollywood’s forgotten movies, but he doesn’t get the support that is needed to stop it from being an extremely sub par shooty, shooty action flick. The first thing we always expect from a film in this genre is to be at least entertaining. Most of the time you can overlook poor acting in a film of this capacity but when its main selling point of entertainment doesn’t exist, then you have to question the point of the film in the first place.

The film painfully tries to be a brooding drama piece struggles through its first hurdles and it staggers through its near dark opening set piece. A film that has been sold to Amazon and available only on your TV screen at home, it was extremely difficult to get invested at the start when the film was so poorly lit throughout. As it comes towards its flat finale, Without Remorse decides to take a leaf out of Marvels book and implement a mid credits scene teasing up a Rainbow Six movie that Jordan has already signed up for. After the bitterly disappointing film draws its conclusion on a poorly executed Nick Fury style team up announcement, Without Remorse banged the final nail into its coffin and doomed it for pure action mediocrity that will soon be forgotten later today. 

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