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Coming 2 America (2021) Review

33 years since the original landed in cinemas, Eddie Murphy is back as Prince Akeem. After finding the love of his life in New York and bringing her back home to his African kingdom, Prince Akeem has a new challenge to overcome. After delivering three daughters with his wife, he is desperate to continue the tradition of having a male heir to his throne. After some quick research, he finds out that he has a bastard child living in Queens, New York. Prince Akeem decides to travel to Queens once again with his trusted friend Semmi to find his son and bring him home to become the heir to his throne.

The first film was a new discovery to us in the first lockdown of 2020 and was surprised at how much fun it turned out to be. Not only that, but it’s laugh out loud funny and boasts many moments that we haven’t forgotten since our first watch. With that, expectations were high for the long awaited sequel and unfortunately, its one that has already been wiped from our memories. The main issue that presents itself straight away is that it’s always hard to live up to the expectations of an original comedy from the 80’s. What worked back then doesn’t necessarily work now. It’s incredibly hard to recapture a moment in time and utilise what worked in a different decade, 30 years later. The energy and power that Eddie Murphy once possessed has long gone but it doesn’t help that Coming 2 America for some strange reason, massively underutilised Eddie Murphy’s character in the sequel, and when he is used, Prince Akeem is wooden and almost pointless! The naivety and innocence that works so well for him in the first movie isn’t carried over into the second film, and with that, we’re left with a sequel that explores new characters that struggle to grasp the film by the horns.

With little to no scenes that are memorable or even funny at that, Coming 2 America is the prime example of a comedy sequel massively missing the mark and failing to explore what worked with the first film. When watching a film of this calibre, you at least expect to be watching a movie that brings joy but it fails to do that. It was easily one of the most boring comedies we’ve seen in a long time.

It’s a crying shame that a lot of people have had to wait this long for a sequel and it turns out like this. It’s a rarity these days that we get new movies hitting streaming services whilst cinemas are still closed, but having lacklustre releases like this make you crave the cinema and a decent release schedule. Coming 2 America goes down as one of the most disappointing films of the year so far.

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