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The All Things Movies Valentines Day Countdown – Day 4: Once

Lets take a look at Day 4 of the All Things Movies Valentines Day Countdown...

Once (2007)
Dir: John Carney
Starring: Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová

Can you get more an expression of love than through music? Probably…but that’s not going to stop me having a couple of musicals on this years list!

The first of our melodic entries in the Valentines Day countdown is a little film from Ireland called Once. A story about a guy and a girl (literally) on the streets of Dublin as they document their love affair with nothing but a guitar and a sing song.

From its gorilla film making through to its wonderfully addictive score, this is a film that will strike the right note come Valentines Day. This is a film that has enough to get under your skin and give you something to think about for a couple of days and leave you warm hearted with the sheer fact that love can happen to anyone, at any time and regardless of circumstance.

There probably won’t be many people out there that have seen this, but I implore you to take some time this Valentines Day to hunt it down (its on Amazon Prime) and spend a couple of hours in the company of a blossoming relationship.

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