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The All Things Movies Valentines Day Countdown – Day 1: 500 Days of Summer

Lets take a look at Day 1 of the All Things Movies Valentines Day Countdown...

500 Days of Summer (2009)
Dir: Marc Webb
Starring: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s February and time to start the Valentines Day countdown! Sure, you can have a nice night in with your better half, bottle of wine and a lockdown 3 course meal but what do you watch when its time for the chocolate covered strawberries!? Well, All Things Movies has you more than covered as we celebrate 14 days of love with a series of films that define what it means to fall in love.

Kicking things off on day 1, we have a little pick me up for those going through a bit of heartache; 500 Days of Summer. Taking a different approach to the genre, the film follows a young greetings card writer as he mercilessly falls in love with a girl named Summer. The film shines a light on what its like to fall in love with a brutally honest portrayal of what the beginning of a relationship can be like if the two of you are somewhat incompatible. The short, snappy dialogue is a breath of fresh air, while the quirky, offhand comedy keeps things lighthearted. With easily one of the best expectation vs reality scenes in film history, this is a great film for those going through heartache on the 14th.

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