Amazon Studios new film ‘One Night in Miami…’ follows the fictional account of four famous African Americans in a hotel room in Miami. After the huge victory in the boxing ring for the newly crowned Heavyweight Champion of the World Cassius Clay, himself, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown all gather to celebrate the young boxers rise to the top at the age of just 22. These influential African Americans, all who have a stronghold on America through their career, discuss their jobs, life of a black person in society and whether they’re doing enough to combat racism and social injustice through their work.

Within a month of release, we have had two movies adapted from a play to the big screen. We had ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ in December and this month we have this film. Both films are hugely based on famous African Americans. Another thing they both share is its brilliant translation from stage to screen. ‘One Night in Miami…’ is Regina King’s first directorial feature. Known mostly for her brilliant on screen presence on TV and film, she has moved behind the camera to tell the story of this male heavy story. Knowing that she hasn’t made a feature film before, it makes it all the more impressive. It’s clear to see she has the natural director’s eye for a wonderful shot. But the one thing that impressed us the most is her ability to use one room and not overuse the same shot more than once. In addition to this, her ability to hone in and get the most out of our four main actors makes for a fascinating watch.

Eli Goree (Cassius Clay), Kingsley Ben-Adir (Malcolm X), Aldis Hodge (Jim Brown) & Leslie Odom Jr (Sam Cooke) all impress massively on screen and are huge contributors to the film’s success. Their ability to embody these larger than life characters is second to none. You forget that you’re watching actors play real life people. And that’s exactly what you want from this type of film. You get lost in the conversations and feel like the fifth person in the room. Every single one of these actors commit and execute their roles perfectly. They all have their moment to shine. Most importantly though, I believe that anyone of these actors could well be nominated for the big awards when the big ceremonies come round this year. Our prediction though is for Kingsley Ben-Adir to lead the way with a Best Actor nomination for his portrayal as Malcolm X. Alongside this, we believe that Regina King deserves a Best Director nomination for this, too.

‘One Night in Miami…’ is one of those films that seems to have crept up on us. We had no recollection that a film like this was made, let alone being released! Our only knowledge was seeing it being advertised last week and it’s a welcome surprise to have a film like this turn up on our TV screens for us to watch. It’s a conversation movie that keeps you glued and entertained. One with a brilliant ensemble performance and one that gradually gets better and better as the run time continues. It’s early days, but this film has become our favourite movie of 2021 already and we think it’s going to be a hard one to knock off the top spot. It’s a near flawless movie that deserves all the great reviews it’s received. ‘One Night in Miami…’ is available to watch on Amazon Prime right now.

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