From the minds of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, they both bring their new sci-fi movie ‘Synchronic’. After releasing their successful indie hit ‘The Endless’ back in 2017 to rave reviews, the American filmmaking duo continue on their sci-fi path and continue to dazzle minds with their originality. ‘Synchronic’ follows two paramedics in New Orleans. Dennis (Jamie Dornan) and Steve (Anthony Mackie) both best friends from high school work together on the night shifts for the Emergency Unit and one night come across an awful death that is linked to a new deadly drug called Synchronic. The two of them continue to discover bizarre deaths and events that are linked to the deadly drug and before they know it, they find themselves trying to find out what the drug actually is.

Due for release in the UK this month (Jan 2021), this will be our first new review of the year. After a tumultuous year for film in 2020, 2021 is the year that we’re hoping will inject something new to make us forget about last year. ‘Synchronic’ definitely is the type of film that helps. The huge impact that the film has on us is the originality the film possesses. Sci-Fi is a genre that has been told many, many times and a lot of the time, new films fail to explore something new. This film has to be applauded for its attempts to be original and to tell a new fascinating story that we haven’t come across before. Though its attempts can be applauded, it doesn’t necessarily stop it from going down a bad path. The concept is brilliant but the screenplay itself is sloppy at times. It deals with the sci-fi element extremely well but when dialogue or moments of normality come into play, the film struggles and stutters its way to its next showpiece moment. ‘Synchronic’ benefits from having two experienced leading men in the film in Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie. Not necessarily known for their leading work in previous films, but together, an unlikely duo work well together and help pull the film along to its end goal.

As the third lockdown in the UK continues and may well be in place for the long term, that means cinemas will not be in action. During this time, exploring new, experimental films may be key to keeping us all sane and allowing us to watch stuff that we may not have given our time to before. ‘Synchronic’ was due for a cinema release this month but will be available on demand on January 29th. From watching this film, it’s definitely pricked our ears up to watch their previous work and will be looking forward to Benson and Moorhead’s future work.

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