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The All Things Movies Podcast #26 – Best of Xmas! (LIVE highlights)

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Best of Xmas! (LIVE highlights)

As Christmas is upon us, we decided to change things up a bit and do our first ever live podcast via twitch! That’s right, we spent the night arguing not only among ourselves but for the first time, with our audience too! This latest episode is a highlight reel of our top 10’s but if you wanted to check out the full stream, the full video with our beautiful faces can be seen here.

Its the usual suspects on the couch this week, where the panel are made up of Morton and Crow from All Things Movies, Nat Asher from My Place Films and Sam Parker of Football Corner fame!

We would also love as many people to get involved as possible, so if you have any thoughts on anything we mindlessly natter on about, leave us a message either here or on one of our social media channels and we will be happy to bring it up next time!

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