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The All Things Movies Xmas Advent Calendar – Day 7: Love Actually

Lets open door number 7 of the All Things Movies Xmas Advent Calendar...

Love Actually (2003)
Dir: Richard Curtis
Starring:  A lot of big name actors

Door number 7 reveals the quintessential British classic, Love Actually. If there’s just one film that must be watched over the holiday season, its this! From writer/director Richard Curtis, Love Actually goes big in every way possible from the truly incredible cast through to it’s blockbuster gestures of love.

Although it may not critically be the best film in the Xmas advent calendar, everyone has a cherished moment that sticks out and gives them the Christmas tingles; be it the PM’s love affair with his house servant, Colin’s lusty trip to the states or my personal favourite, the slow breakdown of a marriage (this is purely based on performance…its not actually that Christmassy at all!).

Whether you love or loath this Christmas indulgence, I defy anyone not to be moved by the final moments in the airport. Its a reminder of what this time is all about and is relentlessness in its quest to do so. ‘God Only Knows’ I can’t live without it this time of year!

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