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Audience pick: Best Bond

Check out what happened when our audience voted for the best Bond film!

by Ian Morton

You may or may not have seen on our social media pages that we do a regular weekly post in which we ask the audience for their favourite films.

As we spend our lives arguing and talking about what we consider the best films ever made (insert shameless plug for our podcast here), we thought it a good idea to get the opinion of the wider world and see what they think is the best and worst films from a particular genre.

Do they get it right? Absolutely not but we’re film snobs so in reality, what do we know, right!?

So how do we go about doing this? Well, its a knockout game – think any sport in which a playoff happens and that’s your answer – where the films metascore works as the films ranking (or seed).

This week, in honor of the passing of Sir Sean Connery, we thought it was about time that the audience let us know their favourite Bond with some VERY surprising results:

007 Battle Bracket – Instagram

If you were to ask any member of the All Things Movies panel what their favourite Bond movie would be, the final bracket would have been a no-brainer: Goldeneye vs Casino Royal – while the audience mostly agreed, it was absolutely shocking to see the Pierce Brosnan led spy thriller knocked out in favour of Skyfall (a distinctly average Bond film, in this authors opinion).

What is even more surprising is that Skyfall not only knocked out my favourite Bond (something I don’t think I’ll ever quite be ready to admit) but it also went on to win the damn thing. I think it goes without saying that the unimpressed cat meme became a prominent feature in our whatsapp chat that day!

Whatever my opinion may be however, its clear to see that the audience has spoken and even though I may be big and loud, our fantastic fans are louder and I can not ignore them! The All Things Movies audience has voted Skyfall as their favourite Bond film – long live Home Alone 4: Lost in Scotland!

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