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Irresistible (2020) Review

By Ian Crow

As cinemas prepare for their much awaited return since the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, film fans still have to settle for On Demand releases. The latest straight to digital film to be released is the political comedy ‘Irresistible’. Directed by Jon Stewart, most famously known for his writing on major American talk show programme ‘The Daily Show’ and starring Steve Carell, Chris Cooper, Mackenzie Davis and Rose Byrne. The story follows Gary Zimmer, a political consultant for the Democratic Party who sees a massive opportunity to turn a Republican town towards the Democrats. After seeing a video of a retired Marine (Chris Cooper) passionately stand up for migrants in his conservative town, Gary Zimmer sees a massive opportunity to hone in his liberal views and urge him to run for mayor.

This is Jon Stewart’s second writing and directing combo on the big screen after his big screen directorial debut and critically acclaimed film ‘Rosewater’ back in 2014. His passion for politics is evident on the screen and in real life as he passionately stood up for civilians in Congress last year who are still affected by the 9/11 disaster. Moving away from a more serious tone of a politically driven agenda with ‘Rosewater’, ‘Irresistible’ is a lot more laid back and easy watching, especially for people who may not be interested in a film fully focused on politics. Having everyone’s favourite comedy man Steve Carell lead the way is a sure fire way to bring in viewers to a film which may be overlooked by many due to its contents. Honestly, this was one that I had no clue even existed until a few days before I watched it.

This film definitely isn’t one I’ll be raving about for years to come. It’s an extremely easy watch, one with some funny moments that are obviously tongue in cheek that relate to current American Politics. So with that in mind, if you’re not well versed on the current political climate in the United States, then a lot of these jokes may fly over your head. Steve Carell does a fantastic job though at breathing life and energy into the film where a lot of the other actors seem to struggle to do so. The film is listed as a Comedy Drama, but Steve Carell is the only comedic element of the whole film. Carell perfectly encapsulates what a big city man would be like in a friendly, small town American neighbourhood. Slightly disturbed that everyone knows his name, is asked to run errands by local business owners and the lack of internet anywhere. Watching Carell flail his way through a campaign trail whilst being incredibly out of his depth in a small conservative town is really fun to watch. Whereas all the other performances seem to fade into one and have any memorable moments for me to recollect.

‘Irresistible’ is a lot better than I honestly thought it would be. Well to be honest, I had zero expectations on the film which helped massively. As mentioned already, if you love Steve Carell then this is one to watch as he is brilliant as always. Even if you’re not well versed on American Politics, I still think it’s one that people may enjoy. Yes you may not understand all the political based jokes, but if you’re after a heart-warming underdog story, then this may be the one for you.

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