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The All Things Movies Podcast #15 – Best of the 90’s!

There can only be one it's time for a knockout tournament!


As we edge towards the millennium on the All Things Movies ‘best of’ podcast, we thought it would be a good idea to look back at the 90’s and decide the best film of the DECADE!!

To make things as fair as possible (and to ensure we all escaped with our lives), we concluded that the only fair way to crown a champion would be using the old fashion bracket game.

So what is a bracket game I hear you ask? Well, its basically a knockout tournament, wherein we rank each team and get them to face off against each other for All Things Movies glory.

In order to determine who would face off against each other, we seeded each team based on their IMDb audience score, then matched them so that seed 1 played 10, 2 played 8 and so on:

90s bracket
All Things Movies: Best of the 90’s bracket tournament

While your listening this week, why not play along and post your ‘best of the 90’s’ bracket – we all get quite bored of each other to be honest, so it would be good to see just how wrong we are with this stuff!

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