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Plus One (2020) Review

Plus One is out now on digital and in theaters - check out what we thought of the latest Valentines Day Rom-Com!

by Ian Morton

The romantic comedy is a rare genre in that it often times gets away with a lot more than other genres typically do. Now that’s not saying they can get away with murder – perfectly terrible hits with some fine actors do manage to scuttle through from time to time – but more that the copy/paste plot is so predictable, there is plenty of opportunity for other parts of production to turn a bland movies into a banger!

Plus One is exactly one of those films. The plot is about as predictable as the sunrise, but a subtly charming chemistry between the leads is more than enough to make this one of the more enjoyable experiences you’ll have at the cinema come the new year!

Starring Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid, the plot sees two college friends make a survival pact and vow to be each other’s ‘plus ones’ for the upcoming wedding season. Like I said, hardly original, but what it lacks in plot, it certainly makes up for in other areas.

New to the big screen and making their feature film debut, writer/directors Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer do a decent job at fitting everything together. For their first foray, there certainly isn’t there that’s particularly bold but it flows well and stands the test of its running time. Aided by a truly sweeping song list from the band, Real Estate, and the product is a truly warming watch in the wintery season.

The true success of the film however is just how authentic the relationship feels between Erskine and Quaid. Individually, the two have more than enough screen presence to carry a vehicle like this, but it’s when they are together that something just clicks, and you instantly connect with it.

While not quite exactly groundbreaking, Plus One is a genre movie that has a lot of individual ingredients that make it much more than it’s generic romcom brethren. The plot leaves very little to the imagination but the blossoming romance at the centre is enough to keep you invested!

Plus One is out in cinemas right now!!

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