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Top 10 of 2019 – The Big Dudes Perspective

The calendar may have just moved into February but we here at All Things Movies are still celebrating the films of 2019. Check out Morton’s top 10 of the year right now:

“Looking back, it really was a rather mixed year for film but one that still had me scratching my head and struggling to pick which films would make it into the top 10. 

Picking a top 10 is actually a lot harder than it looks and like the Oscars have proven time and time again, to compare some of the films on the list is like comparing apples and oranges – it just doesn’t work.

So for this year, rather than set out a regimented scaling of films from 10 to 1, it’s just my top films of the year in no particular order. Enjoy!”

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Little Women

Released on Boxing Day, the Greta Gerwig directed feature is a well structured and impressively paced piece of cinema. As adaptations go, this is a joyous adventure that has you empathising with its characters and embracing the on screen family as if they were your own. Beautifully shot and expertly brought to screen, this is a masterclass of how to bring a book to the big screen.

Knives Out

Coming off the back of his controversial Star Wars run, all eyes were on Rian Johnson to see whether a return to his routes could restore a embering faith in the directors abilities behind camera. Fears however were quashed within minutes as the star spangled ensemble-led murder mystery untangled its plot and revealed one of the most entertaining stories of the year. This is a murder mystery told by a true fan of the genre, something which is felt in every frame for the audience to revel in.

Marriage Story

I cried…a lot. Noah Baumbach’s incredibly intimate perspective on the American divorce process is one of the most heartbreaking pieces of film making in recent years. Scarlett Johannson and Adam Driver’s performances are key to the films success, played with such authenticity, it makes you want to reach into the screen and just shake them out of it.


The impression that Joker has made on audiences is truly remarkable. Sporting an eerily tormented take on the Batman villain, this is a film less about the DC legacy of the character and more an intimate look on how society can make a maniac. Taking more than just inspiration from Martin Scorsese’s, ‘King of Comedy’, there was literally no one on the planet that expected this much of a cinematic experience from the director of the Hangover trilogy.

The Farewell

I cried…again! The fact that The Farewell has been overlooked for anything other than ‘Best foreign language film’ in this year’s awards season is nothing short of a travesty. A loving look at the familial relationship between grandmother and granddaughter, this is a genuinely touching film that will make you laugh and cry in equal amounts. We love you Nai Nai.


Very rarely does a film come along that makes you as uncomfortable as Midsommar. Released at the height of summer, this is a horror film that will make you squirm in the daylight and put you off visiting Sweden any time soon! Sporting a fantastic cast (notice that Florence Pugh is on this list twice now), it’s an oddly evocative film that draws you in and never lets go.

Avengers: Endgame

Now Endgame may not be one of the best films of the year – hell, it’s not even the best Avengers film – but you have to admire just how successful the film is at wrapping up an 11 year story arc. Mercilessly pacing through its 3 hour run time, this is a film for fans of the franchise and wastes no time getting into it. While the 3 hour run time is enough to put many people off, it’s a fitting way to say goodbye…for now at least


The follow up to Jordan Peele’s, ‘Get Out’, Us is another film more about society than the horror the characters are facing on screen. Lupita Nyongo gives one of the creepiest performances of the year while Peele’s visual style changes your perspective as events unfold on screen. While some may say that it’s not as accessible as ‘Get Out’ in terms of theme, it’s a suitable successor to the directors Oscar winning predecessor.

The Favourite

Released to wide UK audiences on 1st January 2019, this made my list from the moment Yorgos Lanthimos name appeared on the screen. This is a strange film with strange performances from all those involved, reveling in its awkward charm, odd relationships and Olivia Coleman’s awards speeches.

The Irishman

Now it may come as a surprise to people, but I am not a fan of the traditional Scorsese gangster flick. Never managing to click with characters and lacking the thrill that I look for in cinema, these are a facet of film that rarely get the TV time in my household that they seem to get in others. With the Irishman however, it finally clicked. The alluring visuals, mesmerising performances and moralistic storytelling is more than enough to recommend it to anyone – the sheer shock I enjoyed it was enough to make my top 10.

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