By Ian Crow

From directors Josh & Benny Safdie, the rising stars of the directing game are back with their new film ‘Uncut Gems’. After receiving critical and audience acclaim for their previous movie ‘Good Time’ starring Robert Pattinson, the directing duo continue to utilise the New York crime scene again in their latest effort. ‘Uncut Gems’ stars Adam Sandler as Howard, a hustling, charismatic New York jeweller who is never happy with his current situation. Always out looking for the next big score in the jewellers universe, whilst also having endless amounts of clients who he owes money to, Howard is also a problematic character that cannot stay out of trouble. The film follows Howard through a few days of his chaotic and unpredictable life and ultimately shows whether he comes through it on the right side.

Starring Adam Sandler in the lead role, he seems to fit the mould of Howard perfectly. Sandler’s natural good guy charm works seamlessly as Howard. It would be hard to imagine anyone else playing the character as well as he does. As you may know, we’re not huge fans of his recent work but this is by far and away (additionally, it’s not very hard) his best performance in a long, long while. The character is just a bubbling mess, a character arc that reeks of instability and anxiety. Howard’s choices and actions throughout make you feel extremely uncomfortable and Sandler is the main reason because of this. His good guy nature oozes and it’s easy to get sucked in and feel sorry for him, whilst additionally, Sandler has a great way of making you hate a character easily. As we have experienced multiple times with Sandler movies. But this is why this is the perfect role for him. He’s able to channel all that’s good about him and use it for Howard. And it works out very well.

In regards to the directors, the Safdie Brothers, this is another well executed movie. Clearly a fan of the crime drama genre, they show all the right signs of becoming one of the most sought out directors in the industry. Both only in their thirties, they are able to churn out what could be your everyday average crime movie but able to make it tense as hell. We are huge fans of ‘Good Time’ so expectations were high for ‘Uncut Gems’. Whether we think that this is better than their previous movie, we’re not sure. This film has certainly received a huge amount of buzz and critical acclaim. It’s thoroughly enjoyable movie, but whether it’s an amazing film is one that we haven’t decided on yet. Maybe the huge buzz over estimated our expectations of it but we didn’t feel as tense as we were hoping towards its proposed nail-biting finale. The majority of it seemed predictable as what certain characters were going to decide to do, except for one particular scene towards the very end that shocked us.

Even though the film didn’t have us feeling in a way that we were hoping, it doesn’t take away the fact that ‘Uncut Gems’ is still a brilliantly put together piece of work. The amount of characters that were developed and utilised to their maximum is the highlight of the film. Everyone has a purpose and an aim. As mentioned, Sandler shines as Howard and is worth watching for him alone.

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