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Rambo: Last Blood Review

This film does nothing to move the character forward; it’s a Channel 5 movie at best. When the author of the Rambo book disowns the film, you know you have a problem.

By Ian Crow

John Rambo, or shall we say, Sylvester Stallone is back as the Vietnam veteran who clearly cannot understand what the word ‘retirement’ means. This is Rambo’s fifth outing on the big screen and comes as a surprise that talks were ongoing for years about another Rambo movie but things never lifted off. The interest of another film went cold and things became so desperate that there were talks of a TV series but that never manifested into anything. After many years finally a script was finished and production got under way very quickly. Going by the title, this seems to be the last Rambo film in the franchise, and maybe that’s a good thing. This instalment picks up 10 years after John’s return to his family home in where he lives with a friend and her niece, Gabrielle. After discovering that her Father is in Mexico, she decides to go against Rambo’s wishes and visit her estranged Father in Mexico. Problems ensue and she ends up as a sex worker for the Cartel. Rambo goes on a mission to save his niece and no doubt, kill a lot of people.

We at ‘All Things Movies’ have always been a fan of the Rambo series. This is one of the rare occasions that an action franchise could have a coherent character story that could resonate with people. The issue that can arise with this type of film is that the character can easily be lost in endless and unnecessary violence; ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ is the prime of example this. This poorly constructed, directed piece of work really strays away from what makes a Rambo movie great. Yes, the violence and action is expected but when you are confronted with a 73-year-old man, who is clearly past his sell by date and cannot act for toffees, leading a film where he kills over 100 people, it just cannot be justified.

‘Last Blood’ is slightly entertaining but its storyline is predictable and a little boring. It follows one of the simplest formulas for a hero story line. Set up of happy family times, family split up, hero taken down by villain, hero comes back and rebuilds, and hero gets revenge, happy days. I’m sorry if this ruined the film for you, but it’s true. The fact of the matter is that Rambo is not relevant anymore. The films are finished, especially as we have been introduced to a whole new depth of action movies in the past few years such as ‘The Raid’ and ‘John Wick’ which have transformed the action genre from wrinkly old muscly men to talented choreographers who dance through an action movie and keep you gripped to your seat. This film does nothing to move the character forward; it’s a Channel 5 movie at best. When the author of the Rambo book disowns the film, you know you have a problem.

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