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The Great Hack (2019) Review

By Ian Crow

If you’ve had enough of hearing about Brexit, Donald Trump and Russia, be prepared because Netflix’s new documentary ‘The Great Hack’ covers all the above with great detail. ‘The Great Hack’ covers The Cambridge Analytica scandal which is linked to the Brexit Campaign in the United Kingdom and the Donald Trump campaign for the Presidency in the United States of America (2016). If you are unaware of who Cambridge Analytica are they are a UK/American based company who deal with a large magnitude of data and how this data is then processed. The way our data is used is the talking point of many professionals, especially with the arrival of GDPR, as it unclear to many how data is utilized from our online footprint such as social media profiles. This documentary talks to the whistleblowers of Cambridge Analytica, explaining how they illegally used data from Facebook to influence key campaigns such as the 2016 American election and Brexit.

Now, we at ‘All Things Movies’ can hear what you are thinking. We hear about all these subjects on the news ALL THE TIME (again…GDPR). I would have to agree with you and say ‘yes’; but the magnitude of the talking point of this documentary is so vital. The discussion doesn’t just revolved around Brexit and Trump, but whether the illegal use of our data is a human rights issue as it currently it isn’t classified as one. The documentary itself starts off slowly and quite heavy, especially if this isn’t something that interests you. This is a subject that we follow very closely and was immediately interested in once Netflix released their schedule for July.

‘The Great Hack’ interviews key parties in the investigations towards Cambridge Analytica’s influence on crucial campaigns. These interviews are with ex-employees of the CA, Brittany Kaiser and Chris Wylie; both of them are the only whistle blowers of the company who have then testified to congress/British parliament. To get knowledge from these two ex-employees is extremely fascinating mainly because they spill the beans about many secret meetings with far-right campaigners including Steve Bannon, who was heavily involved with the Trump campaign and held a White House position.

Even if this isn’t something that would normally interest you, then I still implore you to watch the documentary. At times it can become a little confusing as a lot of information is thrown at you very quickly so you have to be prepared to retain information, fast. The main draw of this documentary is that this is affecting you today, tomorrow and right now. You are an internet user, reading this review right now and no doubt have a Facebook account, so how was your data used? More than likely, your data was probably illegally used to influence a campaign and you’ll never know what information they have on you. In reality this is a scary thought but a very important one to highlight. ‘The Great Hack’ is available to watch now on Netflix.

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