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Murder Mystery (Netflix) Review

By Ian Crow

‘Murder Mystery’ is the fifth Netflix film that Adam Sandler has done within the last four years. The previous four movies ‘Ridiculous 6’, ‘The Do Over’, ‘Sandy Wexler’ and ‘The Week Of’ have all been pretty terrible so far. Morton had the unfortunate luck to have had to watch all of the previously mentioned movies and thought it would be best that I had a ride of the Sandler/Netflix movie experience. Surely, Sandler can’t continue to produce and star in terrible comedy after terrible comedy? Actually, scratch that, he has done before in the past (‘Grown Ups 2’, ‘Pixels’ and ‘Blended’). All of those movies were made in a row and were truly dreadful.

Back to 2019, have the streaming giant and comedy star finally made a good movie? Well, the answer is no but, technically, the answer is also a yes. In comparison to his other comedies, this has to be the more enjoyable and less irritating of the lot. ‘Murder Mystery’ does what it says on the tin, it’s an easy watch, and it’s as simple as that. Maybe missing the core ingredient of a comedy, which to make one laugh, but alas it wasn’t embarrassingly bad or unfunny at the same time as not being belly-rumbling laugh-out-loud. I can certainly vouch that this film will make a lot of people laugh; though most likely Sandler’s core audience which are pre-pubescent teens and drunks. I say drunks because you have to be off your head and have no morals if you do chuckle at some of the jokes in this film. It’s not my cup of tea or my style of comedy that I prefer to watch or laugh along to. The one thing I was thankful for was that Sandler wasn’t in his, what I like to call the ‘Sandler whine and scream’. This is best known in ‘Little Nicky’ where he just assume  it’s hilarious to sound like an eight year old having a tantrum.

Another reason as to why ‘Murder Mystery’ wasn’t a total failure was the addition of Jennifer Aniston and Luke Evans to the cast. The two are both enjoyable in the movie and do enough not to be lambasted in an Adam Sandler movie and actually do bring some kind of quality to the film. This is commendable as Sandler often misses the mark on quality. Despite this I do question why Sandler feels the need to force a mediocre comedy over and over and over again. It’s very frustrating in the sense that the man can actually act, proven in ‘Punch, Drunk, Love’ back in 2002 and ‘Reign Over Me’ in 2007. Sandler has the ability to give a great performance in dramatic roles but seems to act like a child and worm his way through comedies.

‘Murder Mystery’ is watchable, which is great! I was not looking forward to the prospect of watching this film on a Friday morning, I could think of a million things I’d rather do. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a horror show of a movie but there a lot of other better films you could watch this weekend. Save your time and watch another comedy instead of this one. But if you insist on watching any of the five Sandler/Netflix comedies on the service, then pick this one.

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