By Ian Crow

When it comes to Documentary’s, there seems to be one person who does a stellar job. Asif Kapadia, the London born documentarian is coming off the back of two massively successful documentaries ‘Amy’ and ‘Senna’. This time, the film maker is back to document the life of one of the most controversial and entertaining life’s of the Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona. If you know who he is, then you know that the documentary is already going to be juicy and full of drama and passion. If you don’t know who he is, then you are in for a ride.

‘Diego Maradona’ covers the early life of Diego when he was brought up in the slums of Argentina and found success on the football pitch through his first team Argentinos Juniors and then Boca Juniors. It was evident from a young age that the Argentine was talented and had what it takes to become the new Pele. The documentary also covers his brief spell at Barcelona and his eventual move to Napoli in 1984. The move to the south Italian football club was great for him for all the wrong and right reasons. Trophies, alcohol, drugs, mafia and pain, these are all key components in Maradona’s time in Napoli. This is the point of the documentary where it all kicks off.

As always, Kapadia brings old footage back to life and brings a sense of drama to it all. Utilising old, unseen footage of Diego in his personal life and on the football pitch brings the ex-footballer back to the spotlight and makes you appreciate all the good things about him and judge him for all the bad parts. This is the perfect documentary about a footballer. As mentioned, Maradona has encountered it all and has lived an extraordinary life, one that is certainly entertaining. This is why I believe that even if you’re not a fan of Football, then I think you will still thoroughly enjoy the ride of the life of Maradona as it doesn’t let up. Obviously, if you are a football fan, like me, then you will enjoy it a lot. What it does do though is shine a light on the ever changing emotions and mood of the Football world and how they can quickly change their opinion of someone. The documentary highlights that cut-throat mentality of Football and how this affected Maradona on and off the field.

Even though I’m closely connected to all the history and news of Football, there were many things I learnt in this documentary. Especially about Maradona’s love hate relationship with the people of Naples. This is by far and away the most interesting of his career. I’m a huge fan of Documentaries and this has to be one of my favourites of recent memory. I enjoyed every single minute, whether that is watching old footage of the silky, skilful football that was played by the Argentine, or even seeing his personality take over in interviews. His personality is enough to carry the documentary as he comes across as charming and powerful. ‘Diego Maradona’ is out in cinemas on Friday 14th June.

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