By Ian Crow

More top notch indie movies are on your way. This time we have a review for British comedy/drama ‘Tucked’. Centred on Jack (Derren Nesbitt) , an older gentleman that likes to cross dress in the evenings get dealt with a heavy blow by being told that he only has weeks to live after collapsing on stage. As his life is turned upside down after his diagnosis, Jack decides to do all the things he wanted to do before he passes away. One of those things is to be kinder to others and decides to take in the homeless Faith (Jordan Stephens), a new cross dresser in town. Jack also decides that he wants to track down his estranged daughter whom he hasn’t seen in 10 years since the passing of his wife.

‘Tucked’ is centred on these two characters Jack and Faith and relies heavily on the two as they are the main and really only pivotal characters in the whole film. The task seems like a tough one for both Nesbitt and Stephens as they both have to perform to the best of their abilities to really make the film work. Thankfully, they both exceeded my expectations for the film and pull off brilliant performances. Nesbitt, the more experienced of the two does a fantastic job of giving a performance where you don’t necessarily feel sorry for the character. Jack takes the bad news in his stride and continues to live life to his fullest. Nesbitt does this extremely well by performing with a ‘couldn’t give a shit’ attitude with the right amount of care and love sprinkled in to make Jack an extremely like able character. Nesbitt manages to make you see sense to his new look on life with ease and makes you forget that he is dying. Stephens, known for his time as one half of the group Rizzle Kicks has found his new lease of life in film. The young British actor is slowly breaking through and has taken on a huge task of the cross dresser Faith. Stephens does a great job not to overdo being too glamorous or dramatic and is extremely respectful to the LGBT community of his portrayal of Faith.

‘Tucked’ works extremely well due to the great charisma between Stephens and Nesbitt throughout the film. It’s equally as impressive as the film itself is a short one, being under 90 minutes. Their ability to make an impact on screen together in such a short space of time is very hard but they manage to pull it off.

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