British drama film movie review

Last Summer Review

By Ian Crow

‘Last Summer’ is an independently made feature film by director Jon Jones. Known for his work on TV shows like ‘Hanna’ and ‘Heroes Reborn’, the director delivers his first feature movie and its one that hits the mark. Set in the Welsh countryside in the 1970’s, a group of young boys summer is about to change their life, forever. The four young boys Davy, Iwan, Rhys and Robbie have to deal with grief and traumatic events that really test the strong bond the boys have.

There were a number of factors that really impressed me throughout watching the film. The fact that director Jon Jones was able to get such strong performances from four young kids is astonishing. What makes it even more impressive is that three out of the four of them have no credits to their names whatsoever. Noa Thomas who plays Davy, gets the most screen time out of anyone in the film only has the one credit to his name before this film. For all of these inexperienced child actors to be put into a film that relies so heavily on the dramatic effect of the story, these kids perform out of their skin to really carry this film. Credit where credit is due, the director can hold his head high in the job that he does that he was able to get these stellar performances out of them. But, not all the credit will go to Jones (Sorry!), the children were absolutely fantastic and deserve a lot of praise, too. Especially Noa Thomas who I believe will have a bright future ahead of him if he continues to perform like he does in ‘Last Summer’.

‘Last Summer’ is released in selected cinemas nationwide in the UK on the 7th June 2019. If it’s at your local cinema, it’s worth you digging into your pockets and seeing this film. If you love stories of friendship, heartbreak and love, then this is the perfect little indie movie to see this weekend.

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