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Killer Party (Monster Party) Review

By Ian Crow

‘Killer Party’, also known as ‘Monster Party’ in the US, is a very enjoyable comedy horror movie from American film maker Chris Von Hoffman. The story revolves around Casper who is attempting to recover a large debt owed by his Dad to a mobster. Casper and his friends, Iris and Dodge, agree to continue their thieving ways which is their way of recovering the debt by infiltrating a high brow event, posed as butlers, in order to steal the large fortune in the house. Unfortunately for them the ease of this task is challenged by this being a horror film, which aren’t always so simple. The friends end up putting themselves in a difficult situation, that is being in lockdown with a family of ‘rehabilitating’ (if you may call it that) murderers.

For an independent film that I had never heard of prior to it being, very kindly, sent to us by Fetch, it poses quite the cast. A refreshing mixture of newcomers, famous and experienced faces all grace the screen in this movie. Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four and Nip/Tuck) plays the Dad in this movie; upcoming male actor Sam Strike, who is a local lad from my way (Essex) sees himself doing well on the big screen and Virginia Gardener who was recently spotted in the new ‘Halloween’ movie. Having that balance of experience and inexperience proved well in ‘Killer Party’ as the experienced actors were well utilised at the right moments to keep the flow of the film going. They were well utilised in the scenes were the main cast were not involved, so they managed to maintain the suspense and fear that had been built in the other scenes. The three youth stars of this film Sam Strike, Virginia Gardner and Brandon Micheal Hall were very impressive in their ability to lead the film through, despite being newcomers, they came across as exceptionally experienced in their mannerisms, portrayal of different emotions ranging from fear of being chased by someone with a chainsaw to pure elation at the thought of walking away with thousands of dollars towards the start of the movie.

Moving away from the cast I must admit some disappointment in this film. Sometimes all you need from a horror film is a bit of gore and intensity to bring the viewer to the height of fear. This is where ‘Killer Party’ began to fall flat. The main gore and set pieces were quick cuts/edits and so you couldn’t enjoy the fear and horror that you had sat down for in the beginning. This lead to the well-presented soundtrack by Felix Erskine not being as well appreciated as it should have been as it was holding these scenes to the best of its ability but a good soundtrack isn’t everything for creating the atmosphere we needed. Saying that it would be worthwhile delving more into the work of Felix who has enjoyed working on many huge blockbuster films such as the creation of teaser trailer soundtracks for the likes of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’. With the brooding, techno soundtrack his work is very transferrable across genres, possibly inspired by the works of Cliff Martinez, which sat well within a horror.

Overall, ‘Killer Party’ is an enjoyable movie. You have guts, action, blood, comedy, horror, the whole recipe for a suitable horror movie. Albeit, the gore isn’t exactly visual to the eye but the acting alone is good enough to get you through the movie. ‘Killer Party’ is available to buy on DVD right now in the UK.

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