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Booksmart Review

By Ian Crow

‘Booksmart’ is the new coming of age teen American movie in the cinemas this week. Directed by Olivia Wilde in her directorial debut and starring Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein as the lead roles Amy and Molly. The film follows the two main characters on their last day of high school. Two school lovers who have devoted their entire life to studying and being good at school come to the scary conclusion that although they are attending the colleges of their choice after school, others who may have not put their full attention into studying have still got into decent colleges. To make matters worse, all the others were able to party at the same time! Amy and Molly take on the challenge of attending the big leavers’ party the night before graduation.

In my many years of watching films and reviewing, there always seems to be an overall consensus on what films will most likely make my top 10 favourite films of the year. Without a doubt, there is always that one film that pops up out of nowhere and rips up my expected list to shreds. So with no further ado, welcome ‘Booksmart’ which has easily slipped its way into the list of my favourite films of 2019. Not only has it entered the top 10, it’s probably my favourite film of this year. I’ve seen a fair few of coming of age movies, but this has to be my favourite in recent memory. ‘Booksmart’ feels very much like ‘Superbad’ in terms of the comedy and laugh out loud moments, but this is definitely targeted more towards the modern audiences of now, especially women.

The great thing about the film is that is does fully resonate the thoughts and dilemmas of millennials going through school, with all the added, highlighted dramas that teens go through. Especially for Amy’s character as she struggles to find love being an openly gay woman at high school. With these everyday issues being openly discussed, you are able to relate or try to understand what they may be like. Even for a straight white male like myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Whether it is about the message it puts across to the audience or just all of the moments that made me want to cry of laughter throughout. The laughter is mainly made by the fantastic chemistry by the two lead actors Dever and Feldstein. From the get go, both of them are able to grab you and put you in a hysterics and see the chemistry of what is supposed to be a lifetime friendship.

Credit has to go to director Olivia Wilde for an incredibly fun ride and for creating a wonderful movie that in my mind will be remembered and loved by the audience for years to come. You can certainly see her influences in the film, especially Richard Linklater’s ‘Dazed & Confused’. Both of the films have the brilliant ability to fully focus on characters and dialogue which both resonate for the time but are able to reach out to a magnitude of people.

You won’t regret the decision to go see this film in the cinema. I jumped at the opportunity to see it once I had heard about it from other people. It’s one that will succeed through positive word of mouth and I’m hoping by reading this review, it makes you fork out what money you have to see it in the cinema, where it deserves to be seen.
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