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Top 10 films of 2018 – The Big Dudes Perspective

Regardless of how bad film has been this year, there is always a Top 10 to be found.

If you’re on the lookout for something to watch over the holiday season or just want to see if your top film has made the list, here are my favourites from 2018:

  1. The Incredibles 2

There aren’t many times a sequel lives up to expectation, particularly when it’s 14 years in the making. Maintaining the spirit of the first movie provides the perfect launch point, while the fresh story makes it relevant in the world we live today. This is a family film that transcends the Saturday morning kids matinee with a wonderfully up to date bit of nostalgia.

  1. Mission: Impossible Fallout

Unlike many of the summer blockbuster franchises, Mission: Impossible just keeps getting better with age. Fallout further pushes Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) toward James Bond notoriety by continuing the weighty narrative set in Rogue Nation and tieing it nicely to new enemies, modern twists and returning characters. Further pushing the boundaries of espionage action movies, its a franchise that now frequently makes my Top 10’s.

  1. A Quiet Place

Creepy and engaging, A Quiet Place is one of two horror films to make the list this year. Written, directed and starring John Krasinski, the film strips away the background noise and makes the silence a character in its own right. With its influences proudly displayed for all to see, this is one that will convince you to go to bed with some headphones in.

  1. You Were Never Really Here

The thriller genre is a tough one to crack but Lynne Ramsey certainly makes it look easy. Taking a similar approach to films like Drive and Taken, the story is a simple but incredibly engrossing as we walk in Joes (Joaquin Phoenix) shoes. Stunningly brutal in execution, it’s a movie that shocks, entertains and leaves a huge impression in its wake.

  1. The Shape of Water

A woman and fish fall in love….if that doesn’t sell it, you’re dead inside!

  1. A Star is Born

A great soundtrack underpins an honest, well constructed story of two juxtaposed careers in the music industry. From its opening act to its bittersweet ending, Bradley Cooper does a stellar job both in front of and behind the camera in a film that is solely anchored by performances.  Although many moan that it is yet another remake of a old time classic, you can’t deny the goosebumps that inevitably ripple atop your skin.

  1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

Another film that lives and dies on the strength of performance is the Oscar winning, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. Defined by both its dark humour and devastating drama, the story of grieving mother, Mildred (Frances McDormand), is a tale that buries itself deep and doesn’t let go. With masses of acclaim supported by a near endless list of awards and the result is a film that earned a spot on the list way back in January.

  1. Hereditary

From start to finish, Hereditary is an edge of your seat horror that will have you peeing your pants by the time the credits role. With a career defining turn from Toni Collette, the foreboding and claustrophobic setting, mixed with an epically dark ending, results in a horror that defines the very genre it represents.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War left all expectations in the dust (ha!) as it began wrapping up the final phase of Marvels epic 23 film journey. Perfectly balanced, the story manages to juggle a multitude of heroes, locales and character arcs that culminates in an ending no one thought would happen. With 2019 and the finale on the horizon, Infinity War was truly remarkable given the sheer weight of expectation it had to endure.

  1. Phantom Thread

There is no doubt in my mind that the best film of the year is Phantom Thread. The somber yet beautiful tale of dressmaker, Reynolds Woodcock, is sheer brilliance captured on camera. Crafted by Paul Thomas Anderson, the films elegance is defined by its emotional depth, jumping from utter hilarity to somber drama in ways that only Daniel Day Lewis can be trusted to do. A fine send off for a fine actor!

So there it is, my Top 10 of 2019! Let me know what you think and whether you agree with me or not!

We would also love to know what your top films of the year are as we often miss a couple here and there and catch up whenever we can!

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2 comments on “Top 10 films of 2018 – The Big Dudes Perspective

  1. All Things Movies - Morton

    Great stuff, thanks for the comment! Is there anything on the list you disagreed with?


  2. I am very happy to see on your list “A Quiet Place” and “You Were Never Really Here”. Not easy to watch, but the experience is worth it.

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