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Halloween (2018) Review

By Ian Crow

Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers return for what could be their final showdown and as it could be their last, let’s hope it’s a good one. This new iteration of ‘Halloween’ is set 40 years after the original movie. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is alone, an outcast to her family but driven and motivated for the return of Michael Myers. Her obsession and over protection of her family has been on her mind since the events of Halloween in 1978. Raising her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) to be readily prepared for the return of the Shape is one of the main reasons for the separation of their relationship during the past few years, which has also caused a strain on Laurie’s relationship with her Granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). As mentioned, its nearly 40 years to the day of the events of 1978, and Michael Myers is still incarcerated, but due to be moved to a new prison way out of town. Laurie has a plan to murder Michael Myers once and for all as he completes the transfer overnight. BUT, this is Halloween folks, nothing goes to plan and all hell breaks loose.

Even though there seems to be many versions of ‘Halloween’ out there and many, many sequels, this is still one Horror franchise that I still get very excited about, especially in the right hands. Produced by Jason Blum, who is the master of producing great horror movies of the past decade and a passionate director of the franchise in David Gordon Green is evidence that ‘Halloween’ could be in the right hands and done correctly. The director shows this passion even from the opening sequence of the film by having the original opening from film show and of course, allowing John Carpenter, the original filmmaker to return as the composer. David Gordon Green in my eyes is a fantastic choice for the film, maybe not on paper as he hasn’t dabbled in the horror genre before. But he has the innate ability to produce a terrifying ‘Halloween’ movie that also has violence, gore, suspense and comedy. This is displayed throughout the film and I was just in awe of how cool the movie turned out to be. Hugely entertaining and frightening at the same time, this is the perfect recipe for any slasher movie.

The return of Jamie Lee Curtis was a vital and well thought out choice. Having the new film coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original, plays into the hands of the team behind this new movie as it injects that all important validity as to why the original scream queen had to return to the franchise. The great thing about her performance is that we get to see a completely different Laurie Strode, and Jamie Lee Curtis clearly embraces this change of persona and runs with it. Badass, yet emotionally fragile throughout, this could not only be the return of Laurie Strode, but the return of the ever great Jamie Lee Curtis. Her performance is magnificent and rightfully, steals the show.

There really isn’t much I can put my finger on in terms of any negativity of the movie. It does the important job of entertaining, scaring and staying relevant. It doesn’t go overboard at all and keeps to its formula which works so well. Seeing Michael Myers return (again) on the big screen was great and shows that he is one of the best horror characters out there and one that can easily be brought back time and time again.

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