After only a two year absence from the big screen, the foul mouthed superhero is back! Foul mouthed, extremely violent and extremely funny, nothing has changed on the personality side of Deadpool, but there has been some vast improvements in the second outing, whilst keeping to the same level of humour we experienced in the first movie. We pick up with Deadpool explaining what his means of business is at the moment. Assassinating mob bosses and gangsters is his main job, whilst going back to his girlfriend after the bloodshed madness. Still being harassed by Colossus to join the X-Men family, he decides to give it a try and becomes a ‘Trainee’ X-Men. His first job is to try and calm down a young mutant who has escaped from his home. Russell, who has the ability to shoot fire from his hands attaches to Deadpool quickly and they both become incarcerated inside a huge mutant prison. Not only are they stripped from their powers, but Cable, played by Josh Brolin, a time traveller send back to the past is on the hunt to kill Russell.

The visible improvements from the first film are the visuals. The first film was on a relatively small budget due to the uncertain reaction to an R rated superhero movie but has since made a ton of money, this has meant that Deadpool 2 has been injected with extra cash, and it seems, they have used it wisely. Whilst keeping the rawness of the first film and deciding to keep all the fantastic set pieces that was used in the first outing, the sequel has benefitted from keeping a consistent approach and delivered on a great second film for Deadpool. What has helped massively to keep the feel of the first film but add something a little different, one of the directors of John Wick, David Leitch has added that extra oomph to the film. His experience on working on high octane action movies has slotted in well within this genre and gifts us with some incredibly appealing action set pieces.

Ryan Reynolds, as expected, gives a good performance as Deadpool. Almost feels like he is born for the role! His continued effort to insult everyone and everything, including himself and his back catalogue, is still refreshing, especially in the Marvel universe of films. The sequel has added some well needed fresh blood including Josh Brolin, and the brilliant Zazie Beetz as Domino and Julian Dennison. They all contribute massively to the film and really helps ease the pressure from Ryan Reynolds as the leading man.

Deadpool 2 does start off very slowly. I found it very hard to get comfortable within the first 40 minutes or so. After everything settles story wise and you understand what direction it’s going in, it becomes a hugely enjoyable film to watch and one I would love to see again. 4 out of 5 stars

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