By Ian Crow


Steven Soderbergh is back on the big screen with his latest entry to his collection. Unsane follows a young woman, struggling to cope through everyday life, is thrown off course from her recovery of mental health. Having moved hundreds of miles away from her home town, she now resides in a new place, away from her family and friends, supposedly safe from a threat she moved away from. Sawyer, played by the fantastic Claire Foy, visits a treatment centre about her mental health, signs documentation and confines herself to a mental institution without her knowing. Not only is she now confined within this mental institution against her will, she also recognises one of the staff members within the hospital, her stalker.

It’s clear from the very outset that Sawyer is mentally unstable, and potentially, a very unlikable character, too. I struggled to find much remorse for her situation, but when you put yourself in her shoes; it becomes a very uncomfortable and scary situation for yourself. The part about the film that I enjoyed the most is whether Sawyer really is mentally deranged or has been put there by accident. She displays aggressive behaviour and a very unstable mind-set, which could be linked towards her mental health, but then again, wouldn’t you feel the same if you was in her situation, but innocent? There is a lot going on and a lot to think about, but that’s what makes a good thriller in my opinion.

Unsane isn’t the best film out there, but it’s not a terrible one either. The idea of shooting the film on an iPhone does bring something new and fresh to the genre. The iPhone gives the film a much heightened feel of claustrophobia than potentially any normal set up would. You feel very much inside Sawyer’s state of mind and bubble. You experience everything within her personal space and that can become comfortable, but in a very effective way. As a whole, Unsane is one that I’ve had to think about over time. It didn’t necessarily have an amazing effect on me from the first few moments when I left the cinema, but since then, I have learnt to understand the direction and the lasting effect it has.

Claire Foy is by far and away the best part of the movie. The British actress is showing her form and versatility in many different roles. Unsane is another to look back on later on in her career where you can point out stand out performances from the young actress. No other real big names are involved in the film apart from a personal favourite of mine, Juno Temple, who is terribly underused.  The story itself like I mentioned before is a really interesting one. It got me thinking a lot over the past week but I have to admit, I didn’t necessarily enjoy the direction it takes towards the end of the movie. I’m not going into detail as it would include spoilers but it’s ending which I saw coming and ruined the climax of the film ever so slightly. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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