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Love, Simon Review

By Ian Crow

On the tin, it may look like your typical teen romantic movie, but Love, Simon is one that doesn’t go down that road. Love, Simon is centred on Simon, a young high schooler. Has an abundance of friends, a fantastic circle of support from his family and high school is generally good, except he’s been hiding a secret inside. He’s gay. After coming to the realisation that he is gay earlier in his life, he comes across an opportunity to have someone to talk to about it all, and it’s a complete stranger. Another student at the school posts an anonymous post about being gay on their blog website and Simon sees this as a good chance to reach out and feel better about his situation. Everything seems hunky dory, but another student comes across his secret emails on the library computer and blackmails him.

Coming across the film early in the UK in a secret screening, I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly bouncing with joy when the film came on-screen but to be honest, I had no idea about the film at all. Talking on screen about high school and friends at the start of the movie made me think that I was going to struggle for nearly 2 hours, but when he mentioned he was gay and it’s a secret, mad me interested as it’s a different spin on the genre. I haven’t exactly seen many teen movies that centre on a gay lead but it’s a breath of fresh air. Not knowing exactly how the story will go or end up kept me interested.

Nick Robinson, the actor playing Simon delivers a fantastic performance in the film. Only coming across him in his role in Jurassic World back in 2015, I haven’t seen any of his other work. But after seeing Love, Simon, I’m eager to see a lot more of his back work and even more so for his future projects. After seeing him in this role, I have him on a high list of actors that I expect to become huge in the next few years. He clearly has an abundance of talent and potential that hopefully will be shown a lot more on-screen. Along with a strong performance in the lead, the film itself is very enjoyable and has a great supporting cast all around.

Love, Simon is extremely enjoyable. Embracing the great parts of teen movies, the film instills a dramatic aura that sets it higher than any other movie within the same genre. I can’t fault the film all too much to be honest, it’s one that hasn’t been on my radar or even come across in trailers or promotions. But it’s a great movie that will not only entertain the masses from all ages, but inspire people who are struggling to come out as gay. 4 out of 5 stars.

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