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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review

The sequel to the much loved original Jumanji is due to be released this December. With a release date of the 20th in the UK, it’s firmly set it’s eyes on the demographic of young children and the families over the Christmas holidays. After the sad passing of Robin Williams, the sequel looked set to be dead but with a new direction and cast, Jumanji is back. But does it follow on well from the 90’s family classic?

Starring an all star cast of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black, the film has done well to cast the big stars of now. Following a bunch of school kids in detention, they discover an old school gaming system with a game cartridge in the system titled “Jumanji”. After they all decide to play the game and pick their characters, they are sucked into the game and become the characters they chose.

Dwayne Johnson, as always, leads the film and is the big hero that everyone looks up to. He doesn’t add anything special in particular to the film, he simply is the muscles of the movie. Kevin Hart, who for me is very hit and miss actually entertains. His character struggles to adapt from being a 6ft+ jock to a very small and useless character. His constant put downs of himself were one of the films biggest laughs. Karen Gillan comes across as a strong, bad ass woman that doesn’t pull back the punches, slightly undermined by her skimpy outfit in the film whilst everyone else is covered is an issue that did seem to bother me. Even though they try to make a valid excuse as to why she’s dressed the way she is, it still doesn’t feel right. Jack Black is a standout though, not having all too much to do and is slightly overshadowed by others as they provide more screen time, Black does well whenever he’s on screen and provides many laughs.

For the film itself, I actually think it’s a great concept. Adapting the film towards a more modern feel by changing it from a board game to a video game. But one of the greatest things about the original was seeing the actual board itself cause magic and mayhem. Not seeing the physical form of Jumanji itself is one that does bother me. You could easily take away the title of Jumanji and you would never really know that it’s a sequel to the Robin Williams classic.

The film, to its credit, does do its job by entertaining you and providing frequent laughs. Whether it’s a film that will age like its predecessor is another matter but it’s one that will provide entertainment for all ages this Christmas. 3 out of 5 stars.


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9 comments on “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review

  1. Good choice. Dunkirk for me, but likewise with the top 10, will be doing it towards end of month, too.


  2. As it currently stands, I’m leaning towards Moonlight but will be doing my top ten at the end of the month. You?


  3. Glad to have been of service! What’s been your film of the year so far?


  4. That’s good news – my thinking was the same but you’ve reassured me!

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  5. Haha! Well I did enjoy it to be honest! I was ashamed as thought it would be terrible 😂 and yes that’s a mistake, has been changed!

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  6. Nothing to be ashamed of haha! I only mean that you’ve put it has a Boxing Day release in your review


  7. But yes, it’s the 20th, review has been amended!

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  8. Gotta say I was ashamed to say I was looking forward to it! And yes, got to see the unlimited screening at Cineworld yesterday!


  9. Seeing it tomorrow and hesitantly looking forward to it! Isn’t it out on the 20th in the UK?

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