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The All Things Movies CFF showcase

There is a common disbelief with audiences that short films are just half baked ideas from students, but the sheer level of quality seen here should give more than enough evidence to prove the contrary. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to sit down and showcase our top 3 short films of the festival:



The showcase itself is designed to highlight the best, so to be asked to select a further 3 from such a pool of talent is certainly not the easiest thing to do. After a long fought battle with my own opinion, I’ve finally managed to narrow it down:

  1. In Retrospect

In Retrospect was easily one of my favourite films from the festival. Drawn in from the very start, the film not only kept me hooked, it also evoked an emotional connection that not many films do. Strong, powerful performances from the lead cast added a realism and depth that the short relied on whilst strong visual stimulus drew you in to both the real and dream worlds investigated. Drawing parallels with ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Abre Los Ojos (or the English: Vanilla Sky)’ and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, this pseudo-reality is certainly a space you will want to check out!

  1. Trial

As mentioned in the review, this is a love letter to the sci-fi classics of the past and my number 2 of this year’s festival. Expertly filmed, the heart-pumping string of action set pieces stood out amongst the crowd in its approach to storytelling; keeping the audience on their toes while at the same time marvelling them with visuals. Stunning to watch, seamless editing and face-melting camera work create the world but a clever plot will keep you wanting for more.

  1. Sweet Maddie Stone

Sweet Maddie Stone not only managed to get up and close with the school yard bully but gave us a compelling deep drama at the same time. Well directed, it’s a solid piece of work with every detail adding to its emotional weight rather than taking anything away. Career propelling performances from the lead cast make us believe in them and a strong story arc will force you to keep watching. This didn’t end the show; it closed it with a bang!



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